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Here you'll find complete comic strips (mostly from the Marvel era) with a new one appearing each month, plus Autobot and Decepticon character profiles and some other gems from Transformers comics gone by.

This month's story: Enemy Action

Enemy Action (part 1)
Enemy Action (part 2)

If I had to pick a side I'd be an Autobot, but truth be told the Decepticons are often the most fun to read about - lying, scheming and looking out for number one. In the early years of the Marvel Transformers comic Megatron versus Shockwave was the great rivalry, with the leadership of the Decepticons switching between the two, however in 1988 a new rivalry began, that of Shockwave (then leader) and the figutive from the future Galvatron. Enemy Action sees the tension ramping up as the powerful Galvatron approaches the Decepticon undersea base with nobody quite knowing if he is there are friend or foe. Shockwave is taking no chances. The story is also notable for the debut of the Seacons, Firecons and Sparkabots. Click on the links below to the read parts 1 & 2 in PDF format (needs Adobe Reader).


Autobots AtoZ

Decepticons AtoZ


Here's a blast from the past in the shape of a selection of adverts which once graced the pages of the Marvel UK Transformers comic, plus a couple of the letters pages answered by Soundwave, Grimlock, Dreadwind and Blaster.

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