Transformers Ongoing: Issue #6

Title: Atonement
Publisher: Dreamwave
Release date: July 2004
Cover variants: Regular (Don Figueroa)
Price: $2.95
Writer: McDonough & Patyk
Artwork: Don Figueroa, James Raiz (pencils) Elaine To (inks)
Rating: Art / Story


By Ian Arrowsmith

Jetfire saved Starscream and the Decepticon helps Bumblebee as a thank you. He won't make a habit of it!

Deep below the Earth's surface Sunstorm has finally met his maker, his outreached hand is the last part to melt away into the purple smelting pool. Nearby Jetfire lays inactive as a weary Bumblebee wonders whether Sunstorm was misguided after all. Right now though he has more pressing concerns as Starscream, the Decepticon who ultimately scrapped Sunstorm, is standing over him. Bumblebee hears that he will soon get slagged in the prehistoric smelting pool, and wonders why Starscream refers to it as prehistoric.

Back in Iacon Prowl is heading a discussion about Autobot priorities. Their primary objective is safeguarding Cybertron but Prowl also recognises that Earth needs protecting. He asks the assembled members to accompany him to the human homeworld to set up a permanent base. Already on Earth are Warpath and Bumper, who are in custody and travelling inside military vehicles. Deactivated, Jazz, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe and Windcharger are also on board. The convoy comes to a halt and disappears into the desert.

In Alaska the defeated Omega Supreme is still flat on his back with Cliffjumper as his only protection. They are powerless to help their comrades no matter what predicament they may be in. Elsewhere Starscream toys with Bumblebee some more and reveal his thoughts on Sunstorm. He had ancient knowledge, the significance of which is still not clear, and he led them to a place beneath the Earth that had not been made by earthlings. Suddenly the place lights up as Sunstorm rises like a phoenix from the flames. Starscream is not pleased and neither is Bumblebee who is the first to be punished. Sunstorm's metallic surface seems to be melting and destroying him from the inside out. He points the finger of blame at Starscream and motions to destroy him with chaotic energy, when Jetfire revives and swoops in to grab Starscream out of harm's way.

A frustrated Sunstorm decides to eliminate the whole world with his corrupt power. Jetfire knows its time to make a stand, as Starscream looks on he flies off in pursuit of Sunstorm. In the skies the fight goes on, with the powers of both chaos and order merging within Sunstorm, Jetfire's chances look grim, especially as he has just realised Sunstorm is like a ticking timebomb. With all power redirected to his boosters Jetfire realises his only chance is to get Sunstorm as far away from Earth before it happens. Sunstorm's destiny is thwarted as Starscream and the saved Bumblebee are coated in the yellow glow of the explosion in the heavens above.



Well Dreamwave's new Generation 1 character, Sunstorm, makes an emphatic exit along with Jetfire (or have they?). He certainly helped freshen things up, it was good to see a character that no fan could really say how they should behave for a change, because he was completely new and uncharted. His character was well written and seemed to be revealing something new in this Transformers continuity, although the mystery is still intact at this point as no one seems to be fully aware of what was at stake underneath the Earth's surface.

Not knowing is good though because it means I genuinely don't know how things will turn out. The writing is good, the duo demonstrate they can handle all the characters well even if they only give them a token line. We are still subjected to another case of getting all the information at the end, though not so much as in the G1 volume2 #6. They have written a fitting end to this volume's first story arc, and I imagine it would be more accessible to a casual reader than the more complicated vol2.

The art in this issue is really great, from the detailed shots of many Transformers or demonstrating the menace of Sunstorm or the majesty of the final explosion the pencils and colours in this issue are really good and the effects come across really well. Sunstorm has really given them a chance to show what they can do; the shots of him deteriorating and unleashing his power are particularly memorable. The comic is on a high right now and I hope it gets transferred to the next issue.

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