Transformers Ongoing: Issue #4

Title: The Omega Effect/Running with the Devil
Publisher: Dreamwave
Release date: April 2004
Cover variants: Regular (Don Figueroa) Megatron incentive (Pat Lee)
Price: $2.95
Writer: Brad Mick aka James McDonough and Adam Patyk
Artwork: Don Figueroa, James Raiz (pencils) Elaine To (inks)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Omega Supreme


By Ian Arrowsmith

Omega Supreme awakens from his slumber and takes on Sunstorm.

The issue opens with Megatron's face, but not the present day one, this is the Megatron of the War Within times. "Get down from there now!" he shouts at Starscream. His lieutenant is calm and collected, yet no doubt surprised to see Megatron after all these years. He asks what the problem is, after all he has just destroyed the Council of Elders, something that Megatron sought to do himself. But the satisfaction has been taken away from him and Megatron does not like his authority being undermined...

In present day Alaska, there are bigger concerns, namley Omega Supreme, who has burst through a mountainside to grab Sunstorm. Omega calculates that his secondary target, Starscream, will be unable to escape. The Decepticon knows there is no way he can defeat this giant Autobot, but he remembers that Sunstorm is still in Omega's clutches, and shoots an energy siphon with his null ray. Sunstorm is unleashed.

On Cybertron, Prowl is trying to fathom the energy anomaly that released Sunstorm. It had the same signature as the super computer in the planet's core, Vector Sigma. Prowl knows that Shockwave was experimenting with building clones, and had uploaded compressed contents of the super computer to several locations before his showdown with Prime and Magnus. Perhaps this has something to do with Sunstorm's release?

Back on Earth a wet Warpath pulls a deactivated Jazz out of a swamp and lays him alongside the bodies of Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Windcharger. Bumper then emerges from the water, having been searching. There doesn't seem like much of a way to get the fallen Autobots reactivated soon, and they don't have time to try as they are bombarded with floodlights. The Earth Defence Command (EDC) and its commander Marissa Fairborne are taking them in!

Back in Alaska, Jetfire and the other minibots go back to the Orion shuttle only to find everyone suffering the effects of Starscream's null ray, following an earlier surprise attack. Meanwhile Sunstorm, now free from Omega's clasp, is going all out to fry him; with all the power dissipated the air is given an orange tinge. Sunstorm releases unfathomable amounts of energy but Omega can still match it. Sunstorm overloads and falls to the ground, prompting Omega to raise his protective visor to get a proper look. It is a costly mistake.


Six months ago, a seriously injured Megatron drifted helplessly in space and contemplated his sorry predicament. Luckily he was picked up by junk collector Wreck Gar, who brought him aboard and initiated repairs. Megatron's reaction upon reawakening was to lash out, but then he remembered where he was and what had to be done. Months later on Planet of Junk, Megatron is sitting upon a throne of debris with three zombie-like seekers in front of him. Wreck-Gar has put him back together and help build up a mini army. Now Megatron will show his gratitude.. by granting his saviour an easy death.



The nice opening war within back-story, while not being directly related to the current story, gives us a more in depth view into Megatron's character and its also neatly tied in with Starcream's narrative. On the whole this is a good issue but it has become better as I have since read it a few times. At first it can be a bit difficult to understand because we do get a lot of information dumped on us.

The art from both Don and the colourists is really top notch. Don provides the right amount of detail and throughout the issue, the colourists set the mood of the scene with their work the scenes with Omega Supreme are of particular note. The mini story focussing on Megatron gives us a rare opportunity see Raiz's work and it also paves the way for an eventual return by Megatron. It is good to see another artist's take on the G1, even if the story only contains two characters. As I like Don's work some variety is nice.

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