Transformers Ongoing: Issue #10

Title: The Root of All Evil
Publisher: Dreamwave
Release date: November 2004
Cover variants: Regular (Don Figueroa)
Price: $2.95
Writer: McDonough & Patyk
Artwork: Don Figueroa (pencils) Elaine To (inks) Espen Grundetjern (colours)
Rating: Art / Story


By Ian Arrowsmith

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... along comes Predaking!

Earth: Starscream has his brigade assembled. The Combaticons are bemused as to why they have been brought back to the island of their rebirth amid miserable weather, but they are here nonetheless.Starscream's intention is to test their mettle and train them further. He reveals Sky Lynx and releases the power dampners on the animal-like Autobot allowing a little sparring match to take place. As they fight Sky Lynx separates into his to other forms and confuses the hell out of the 'cons. Starscream re-engages the dampeners and is concerned. Suddenly the ocean erupts and Predaking emerges! Starscream radios Soundwave for back-up but gets no reply - it appears his lieutenant has other people to answer to now, people like Megatron!

At the Pentagon in Washington DC, Marrisa Faireborn is getting a dressing down from her superior about the Insecticon incident (see issues 7+8). The EDC lost a sizeable number of good men and her boss wants action. The centurion program is to be reactivated, much to Marissa's displeasure. Just who is this commanding officer? That scene pans out to reveal a Witwicky name badge.

Out in the Alaskan wilderness an entourage of Autobots wonder what they are going to do without the Ark to call home. As they drive along a forest tracks they are met by Prowl, who is eager for them to join in construction of an Autobot City Earth, with designs set out to strongly resemble Metroplex.

Out at the island the Combaticons combine to form Bruticus to take on Predaking. But Bruticus is handicapped by his lack of intelligence and the Predacon-combined robot proves to be the more effective fighter. Having his face crushed and chest spiked Bruticus can take no more, but he will get no help from Starscream who takes to the skies in retreat.

As he enters his hideout he encounters Soundwave and has a gun shoved in his face. This is no ordinary weapon, it is Megatron and he has come to reclaim his command. Starscream is shot and severely weakened. Megatron transforms and reveals some back story of how he came to return. They discuss the recent run-in with Sunstorm and what experiments Shockwave may have been conducting during the last millennia or so on Cybertron.

Meanwhile on the said home planet, the Autobots are in conference held by Ultra Magnus are drawing up new plans and offensives. Little do they realise the Quintessons are somehow watching and studying Hot Rod in particular.



Aside from some black and white preview art for issue 11 that eventually got released in a comics digest, this is the end of the road for the Dreamwave G1 comic. It is unfortunate that it finished here because the comic was on the up by the point. Issue 10 was Dreamwave's magnus opum with the characters. It is well paced story, with a good mix of action and dialogue. The time investment put in by the fans was starting to pay off I felt. There is a sense that the writers had grand plans for the series.

Lets not forget the art either. Don had done stirling job on this issue combined with the colours and effects it had too it really brought the comic to life. While still drawing them very technically and robotic I always felt he could give the Transformers feeling if he wanted to, something which is almost essential for a book like this. It makes them more relatable and thus more human that they already are to us fans. That's what really great about transformers really, they are so different and so human at the same time. It's a shame Dreamwave had to end it here and I hope one day all the creativity that went into McDonough & Patyks writing will be revealed.

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