Transformers Ongoing: Issue #0

Publisher: Dreamwave
Release date: December 2003
Cover variants: Megatron regular (Pat Lee), Galvatron incentive (Don Figueroa)
Price: $2.95
Writer: Brad Mick
Artwork: Pat Lee (pencils) Rob Armstrong (inks)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Unicron, the Quintessons


By Ian Arrowsmith

Megatron plots his return while resting up on the Planet of Junk!

Unicron devours Lithone, it's inhabitants feeling powerless to have any effect on the chaos bringer as it sucks their planet dry. It has reawakened after eons of lying dormant, now it is searching for nourishment. Still in a weak state the Quintessons calculate only a 0.007 probability of slowing it down.

Unicron grows more powerful with each feeding moving faster and faster, proceeding on an ominous route to earth. However that is not of the Quintessons concern right now, soon Unicron will begin production of its second generation of minions.

The first wave of Sweeps was sent out as Unicron entered its dormancy. The alpha drone, Scourge, had located Cybertron after the Quintesson's initial examination. Scourge was the one to reactivate Shockwave from the great shutdown. The Quintessons in all their wisdom managed to leave behind one of their Sharkticon extermination squads from their foray into Cybertron. When Shockwave encountered them Scourge intervened to save him from termination, something that turned out to be not such a wise idea. As Shockwave betrayed the favour to capture Scourge and use him as a source of vast information by means not all that pleasant to Scourge.

However, reports that have reached the Quintessons from Earth, suggest that the Humans have managed to acquire this Scourge figure (during the war and peace saga of G1 Vol 2), and also seen lying powerless in an earthen facility is a dismantled Devastator. Some of the Autobots have also remained on earth though under instruction from Optimus Prime they are to remain in hiding currently residing in the Ark.

Thus concludes the quintesson report, however one loose end remains, namely the location of Megatron corpse? In closing we journey to The Planet of Junk and hear the familiar sounds of "Hi Ho! Hi Ho!" as Wreck Gar goes to work. His TV talk proves irritating to the guest he is trying to help, but the gift of a seeker body is well appreciated. A storm is brewing and it is appropriate that Megatron is about to leave for revenge.



After all these years the generation 1 characters are finally getting another ongoing comic series. Issue 0 really only serves one purpose, to set the scene and get everyone prepared for the new series. Not much action takes place just a lot of talking. To this end we move from scene to scene with an ongoing narration from the Quintessons revealing details, yet only alluding to their own intentions. Back story to the G1 Vol 2 is revealed and bridging material to make us all understand what's happening in G1 Vol 3 #1 is also scripted.

From the looks of things Unicron will eventually make an appearance in the G1 ongoing series. Although I look forward to seeing Dreamwave's take on the G1 chaos bringer and the repurcussions on the Transformers, I certainly don't want them to do it any time soon. There ought to be a sufficiently long build up. The pace of this comic is at a saunter and I would be surprised if Unicron did indeed turn up in the first few issues of the ongoing. It does show one thing, that Dreamwave appears to be drawing up some form of master plan for the long term; I think it's a good idea. I certainly hope it all pans out well. Though I'm not too sure about their handling of the characters Scourge and Cyclonus, it appears they are to be minions of Unicron. I hope they break free at some point, they are certainly good characters in the original marvel comic.

I am beginning to think that deactivated and damaged Transformers look far more dramatic than ones in pristine condition. The images of a downed devastator and scourge look far more moving than the one of what appears to be Cyclonus breaking free of some kind of status pod. I don't know maybe for the pace of the story those images seemed to be more at home. As always though the artwork is still amazing compared to almost anything else. I'm glad this Generation 1 will be ongoing.

Steve says: Yes, this issue, however short is a godsend, because it explains a lot of irritatingly niggly questions from G1 vol2. Most importantly why Scourge turned up at the beginning and got blasted by Shockwave. We now know that Scourge worked for Unicron and reactivated Shockwave, but a doublecross took place to make them enemies. How he ended up on Earth at that precise moment is a question that will be answered another time. What is the relationship between the Quintessons and Unicron? It certainly appears that they fear him, and what is their interest in Cybertron? As we know, the planet houses Unicron's nemesis Primus at its core so all of these things may be connected.

It would appear that Superion survived collision with a nuke in Volume I, at least his head did. And these human scientists will appear in later stories too. Readers who are familiar with the Movie, will know that Wreck-gar is an Autobot ally, so why is he helping Megatron? My guess is that he is unaware of the war at this point and naively trusts his new pal. It is interesting that he supplies Megatron with seeker clones, and my guess is that these are warriors from Simon Furman's the forthcoming Age of Wrath prequel series.

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