Transformers Armada #16

Story: Worlds Collide (Part Three)
Publisher: Dreamwave
Release date: October 2003
Cover variants: One cover
Cover price: $2.95
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Don Figueroa (pencils) Elaine To (inks) David Cheung (colors)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Overrun, Galvatron


By Ian Arrowsmith

Who would have predicted this? Megatron defeats the vastly more powerful Galvatron!

The landscape on the outskirts of Lincoln is ravaged from last issue's battle, a battle that is more over for some than others. Armada Megatron and Unicron's herald, Galvatron, are still feeling confrontational. Galvatron has killed Megatron many times in many realities and even with his mini-con's help this version appears to be no different from the rest. Skyblast and Payload, part of the Mini-con space team left behind to monitor the probe scouring alternate universes for Optimus Prime, hope that whatever they are hearing outside doesn't find them before they find Optimus.

At Decepticon HQ on Cybertron, Jetfire and his team have assembled outside the source of the dimensional disturbances. It feels bad; they have it this far into what is supposed to be enemy territory without encountering any enemies. But they have a job to do and so they enter the building with the intention of shutting down the master space bridge, and hope that no one is watching from the shadows.

On Earth, another group of Mini-cons has entered Megatron's deserted base to search for Over-run's transporter, but they appear to be stuck as any movement will likely lead to them be discovered by more of Unicron's heralds. As it happens, Optimus is still on a desolate alternate reality Cybertron with a lone survivor who is becoming increasingly agitated as conditions worsen. Prime needs to know if anything can be done to stop the force of darkness (Unicron - who else?) who is now in visual range of the planet.

Still in the fight Galvatron concedes that this era's Megatron is lasting longer than some he has fought in the past, but still it doesn't change the fact that he must go. As Galvatron powers up in laser artillery mode that end looks close, but weapons fire reigns down on him from the sky. It is the Air Defence Team and they have decided to side with Megatron, and mercifully merge to grant him the benefit of the Star-Saber.

On Cybertron, Bludgeon makes his first strike at Jetfire's team. One by one they get hit and wounded as Bludgeon works them down. Jetfire realises they have to expose him, so they throw the lights and seemingly reduce him to a torched carcass! Earth: Galvatron is not convinced the Star-Saber in Megatron's hands will save him. Dodging Megatron's first swipe Galvatron makes a grab for the weapon, but as his singed hand soon testifies it is not his to be grabbed. Megatron makes his move on the stunned Galvatron, and ends it. The observing min-cons wonder if this is a good or bad outcome.



Another good issue of the Armada series. The art team at Dreamwave really did well this time around. The use of effects, like blurring and special colours really look stunning especially complemented with Don's pencils. This is particularly true of the scene's involving Megatron, the Star-Saber and Galvatron. I am just beginning to notice though how much I like the way that Dreamwave mix up their style of panels in the comic, very rarely do you find a standard arrangement of panels, it makes for a much more interesting read.

I still got the same feeling that I've had before though, that some things are not made enough of because of the way Furman likes to thread things together so they all climax at once though. Maybe I want to see some Transformers get really smashed up instead of thinking I'm missing out on that bit when we go and see some other characters. I do find myself not expecting all of Furman's plot twists this way though so I suppose it's a good thing, as I'm not really sure how the story arc is going to be concluded. Well there's one thing that I can be sure of though, Optimus Prime will be back. It's inevitable.

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