Transformers UK: Issue #327

Story: A Savage Circle (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Machine Man 2020
Cover date: 9th November, 1991
Price: 55p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Andy Wildman (story and cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Galvatron flips out and decides to give his former self a good pasting!

In the year 2005 a critically damaged and dying Megatron drifts through space and begins to embrace an inevitable oblivion. He is intercepted by Unicron and reborn as the all-powerful Decepticon leader, Galvatron, but only that he may serve his new master. Galvatron is near perfect save for one thing, a seed of madness buried in his psyche that is a residue of Megatron. Somehow he must be rid of it.

In 1991 Unicron prepared to launch an assault on Cybertron and he summoned Galvatron from an alternate future (where the events of Transformers the Movie took place) and put him to work. The Chaos Bringer's attack ultimately failed but he did enough damage to make Cybertron inhabitable, and so Galvatron is now forced to find a way off the planet like everyone else. At the climax of last issue he had sneaked aboard the Ark and had come face to face with his former self - Megatron!

Galvatron, somewhat bizarrely, decides to erase his personal madness by trying to kill Megatron (like that makes sense?). And Megs is not even able to defend himself properly because he is still suffering from having his mind fused together with the Autobot medic Ratchet (see UK#309). In fact the neural fusion was to such an extent that Megatron and Ratchet now see through each other's eyes periodically.

In the control room some levels up, Shockwave and Starscream are concerned by the Transformer life signals that the computer has detected. Clearly there is an intruder that they failed to detect when they stole this craft and set course for Earth. If it is an Autobot they will need to team up and destroy him.

In deeper space a convoy of Decepticon ships heads towards its glorious future of conquest and empire building. Bludgeon isn't fussed where they start - he sticks his sword in the map at random and Stranglehold references the nearest habitable planet. It is called Klo and is rich in natural resources, all in all a pretty good target. The Decepticons will conquer and there erstwhile allies, the Autobots, are to be left to rot on Cybertron, having had their ships sabotaged. We now skip back to the devastated home world to see Prowl in despair over the Decepticon's betrayal and Blaster trying to get him out of the storms. Suddenly a huge ship appears overhead - it is Grimlock with a working spacecraft which he had set aside in expectation of Bludgeon's treachery.

Meanwhile aboard the Ark, a newly repaired Ratchet falls out of his repair chamber and struggles to his feet, shocked to be seeing through Megatron's eyes! He may be about to witness the death of one of history's most tyrannical despots at the hands of Galvatron.



This issue kicks off with the immortal opening line from Transformers the Movie: "It is the year 2005." The trouble is that now that the year has actually upon us it no longer sounds as exciting or futuristic. Ah well. I might also add that in all the future stories so far, well the UK ones anyway, the transformation of Megatron to Galvatron was always slated as having taken place in 2006. The fact that nobody bothered to alter the text box for publication in Britain further illustrates what by now is evident, that the UK continuity is well and truly dead. The comic is now entirely surviving on material from its US counterpart and the final curtain is near.

Story-wise I can't really get my head around why Galvatron would want to kill Megatron, as essentially they are the same being. In so far as there are rules about time paradoxes (none of it proven of course), if you were to go back in time and kill yourself, or say your mother or grandmother, you would stop yourself being born. But then the theory goes, that because you never existed you couldn't go back in time and kill your mother or grandmother, so they are alive again and the circle repeats and repeats itself. It is true that this Galvatron is from a different timeline but there are no guarantees that he won't erase himself by killing Megatron so why bother? The irony of course is that he is doing this mad act to try to cure himself of madness. Duh? Of course if it goes wrong and he fades out of existance he'll be dead along with Megatron and will have gained nothing.

I do like the idea of Megs and Ratchet sharing a mind link though. This of course was the result of their nightmare fusion in the Price of Life story. I heard that Furman had planned to explore this theme more thoroughly over the next year or so, but Marvel decided to cancel the comic and he had to bring everything to a conclusion pretty rapidly. Too bad.

Other points of note, how can a planet full of Decepticons squeeze on to three ships? Even allowing for all those killed by Unicron is seems a bit miniscule for a 'Saturn-sized' world. The letters page, meanwhile, has become a lot harder to read thanks of some bright spark printing the Darn n' Blast logo in colour and obscuring letters. The replies all seem to be a bit half-arsed as well these days. For example a kid asks how the Nebulan leader Galen was able to converse with Spike and Blaster suggests he might have done one of those learn English while you sleep courses. Hmmm

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