Transformers UK: Issue #316

Story: Out of Time (Part 2)
Back-up strip: The Enemy Within
Cover date: 8th June, 1991
Price: 50p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Andrew Wildman (story and cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Circuit Breaker is up to her old tricks again and attacking Autobots!

Galvatron has betrayed Unicron and has journeyed to the centre of Cybertron hoping to wake his master's nemesis, Primus, the God of Light. To this end he has forced Emirate Xaaron to attempt to open a psychic with the sleeping giant, but Unicron will not take this lying down and has dispatched Hook, Line and Sinker to intervene.

Galvatron strikes the first blow, evading Hook's charge and slamming his head into the metal floor. Sinker floors the Decepticon in return as Line pounces, with net and glowing sword at the ready. Galvatron recovers in time to destroy the weapons and double-kick Line in the chest. Then he shoves the minion's head module in the path of Sinker's powerful hammer fists, putting him down. He transforms into cannon mode and blast Sinker - it is all working out much better than the first time they clashed, but then hook pierces Galvatron's armour with a harpoon and starts throwing him around. His orders were to take the traitor alive, but his comrades are destroyed and now all Hook wants is revenge.

Earth, the New Jersey Swamps: Mindwipe casts his hypnotic gaze over acting commander Soundwave and prepares to have him issue a ceasefire. Perhaps Shockwave's Decepticon coup could work after all? But Mindwipe has been sloppy and failed to notice Kup and the Autobots until several loaded blasters are pointed in his face. The civil war is apparently over.

Some miles away in Manhattan, Optimus Prime fries thanks to a blast of concentrated electricity unleashed by the ever-discriminating Circuit Breaker (Nightbeat having already been taken down). The oil billionaire and Neo Knights patron, GB Blackrock, is shocked and fears that his old employee Josie Beller is out of control and blinded by her pathological hatred. Then he sees Shockwave (the cause of her grief from way back in UK#22) transform into spacegun mode and prepare to fire. He alerts Josie, who breaks off her attack on Prime, and discharges every bit of power at her disposal against Shockwave. He falls into the see on fire, and she drops from the sky unconscious and is caught by Thunderpunch.

Scorponok emerges gratified to have won the leadership battle by knockout and is ready to resume where he left off against the Neo Knights. Prime reminds him that they have more important tasks to attend to, such as preparing a response to Unicron's impending attack.

On Cybertron, Hook is blown apart in mid attack. Galvatron turns to see the face of saviour and it is a glowing Emirate Xaaron. Only it is not Xaaron, not any more, his body has been possessed by the Transformers' god Primus. Galvatron announces that Unicron is coming and the Autobots and Decepticons must be summoned. Primus agrees, thinking 'all our one' (ie both sides are united) and suddenly on Earth all of the Transformers... and even the Neo Knights glow white and are teleported to the home world for the final reckoning. On a distant moon, lays the deactivated form of Thunderwing, and Creation Matrix (still contaminated by evil) thirsting for revenge.



Last issue started slowly but this concluding part is definitely action packed. I enjoyed the battle between Galvatron and the Unicron servants, Hook, Line and Sinker. What the fight had going for it was that each of the three has their own unique skills, and they are worthy foes. At a couple of points, most obviously at the end, Galvatron is getting his ass whooped and not before time. It was a nice twist having the physically weak Xaaron come to his aid, albeit possessed by Primus.

On the subject of the possession, I am puzzled as to where Xaaron's consciousness has gone? Is he dead or just temporarily 'one' with Primus? How come Primus can't access Xaaron's thoughts and know that Galvatron is not to be trusted?

Talking about people that need a slap, how about Circuit Breaker attacking Prime and Nightbeat? This woman has been picking on Autobots ever since she was reborn with a mission to destroy those who caused her accident. Shockwave fried her and left her paralysed and since then every innocent Autobot has copped for it. You would have thought, as time went by and she started to understand the nature of the enemy more (not least teaming up with her captives against Runabout and Runamuck that time) that she would have learned the difference between Autobot and Decepticon? I mean, at least destroy the Decepticons first, if you have got to take on the Autobots at all. Just how powerful is Circuit Breaker? I find it hard to believe that human armour (even as sophisticated as hers) packs enough charge to take down three of the most powerful Transformers. However it was good to see a reckoning between her and Shockwave at long last, that was several years in the making.

One last point, how come Primus summoned the Neo Knights to Cybertron? Did he think they might be useful or did he grab them by accident while homing in on Prime and company?

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