Transformers UK: Issue #314

Story: All This And Civil War 2 (Part 2)
Back-up strip: The Enemy Within
Cover date: 11th May, 1991
Price: 50p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Andrew Wildman (story and cover) Robin Bouttell (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: President George Bush Sr


By Omega Steve

Scorponok is on the verge of victory when the Neo Knights show up!

A clash of the titans between Scorponok and Shockwave is underway in earnest! In the red corner the current Decepticon leader, able to transform into a battle station and giant scorpion, and in the blue corner the challenger, a one-eyed 43 tonne powerhouse capable of becoming an enormous space with equally vast firepower! These two were last seen grappling close to the remains of the Decepticons New Jersey base, before disappearing into the sea off Manhattan. New Yorkers have gathered in large crowds at Battery Park to witness the spectacle, and they are not disappointed as both giant robots suddenly surface.

Scorponok pledges to crush his rival's "pathetic dreams of conquest". Shockwave denies any ambition, simply stating that the Decepticons have been laid low under this flawed regime, and "logic dictates" that he must assume command. Scorponok transforms in scorpion mode and unleashes his sting, but Shockwave recovers and opens fire in gun mode (the blast missing hopelessly and taking out some of shoreline). Police officers usher the crowds away from the area, and fear that this battle could find its way into the city.

On Cybertron, Emirate Xaaron flees deeper into the planet core via the underground water ducts. He is desperate to escape his pursuer, but Galavatron is soon upon him. Though he is the servant of Unicron, he declares his wish to destroy his master and will force Xaaron to help him do it. Normally when Galvatron defies the Chaos Bringer, he feels an intense pain coursing through his circuits. This time there is nothing and that confirms his theory that Unicron cannot touch him within Primus' inner sanctum. He learns from Xaaron of the legend that Autobots and Decepticons standing together can defeat Unicron, and drags him off to find the Transformers' god and have him transport reinforcements to the homeworld.

At the White House the president is informed of the situation and places and urgent call to G.B. Blackrock. Prime and three Autobots emerge from the swamps, having escaped the ruins of the Decepticon base, and they see all hell breaking loose with Shockwave's cronies in pitched battle with Scorponok's. Highbrow and Kup are ordered to stay put and contain the fight with help from any other emerging Auotbots, while Nightbeat and Prime will find the warring leaders.

Back at the main event Shockwave transforms and lands, hoping he finished his opponent off. But the scorpion climbs out of the water and batters him with the Liberty Island ferry. Scorponok moves in for the kill, telling Shockwave that he is no more than a computer on legs, and lacking the passion necessary to lead the Decepticons. Prime intervenes to break it up, and is told by Scorponok to get out of the way or their truce is off. It is a difficult dilemma because the alliance is crucial, but Autobot principles cannot allow human life to be endangered. Luckily... or unluckily as the case may be, the choice is taken out of his hands as the super powered humans known as the Neo Knights, enter the fray!



Darn! Just when things were getting good the pesky Neo Knights turn up and spoil the show. I can't decide if I like them or not. Other than Circuit Breaker they all seem a bit anonymous. What would have been good is to have Scorponok and Shockwave slugging it out in New York City with Prime in the middle of them! I still would have put my money on Optimus taking both of them down, after all they were weakened from their fight and Prime has been known to pull out the reserves when the situation demands it. He is in a difficult position here, with having to stop the destruction but not wanting to anger his new 'ally' Scorponok. I wonder which of these two Decepticons would have won the fight if it weren't for the interruptions. Scorpy certainly seemed to be getting the better of Shockwave at various points, but the one-eyed one has held his own against superior foes like Megatron.

I enjoyed the little Movie tribute, with Galvatron expecting to receive punishment for defying Unicron. Things seem to be moving swiftly towards the unavoidable showdown, but another four issues worth of build-up seems a bit too much.

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