Transformers UK: Issue #307

Story: Eye of the Storm (Part 2)
Back-up strip: In the National Interest (Part 6)
Cover date: 2nd February, 1991
Price: 50p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Andy Wildman and Robin Boutrell (cover), Will Simpson, Andy Wildman
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Kup must question his loyalties as he discovers Grimlock attempting to abduct the fallen Dinobots!

The Ark is in deep space on a return journey to Earth, and the lull in activity has given the Autobots a valuable opportunity to unwind and to resolve unfinished business. One such task is conducting an investigation into the 'death' of the Autobot medic Ratchet, a job which Optimus Prime has assigned to the detective Nightbeat.

The Headmaster tells his leader about a theory he has that Ratchet may well have survived the explosion which destroyed Megatron's base on Cybertron. He could have been thrown into a trans-dimensional portal and failed to re-materialise out the other side because of the explosion. If this happened then Ratchet could be drifting somewhere in 'unspace' the nothingness between dimensions, but by dispatching a probe into unspace it might be possible to track him down and retrieve him. Prime finds the hope - however slim, a welcome distraction from the weighty concerns on his mind, such as Unicron!

Speaking of which, the great devourer of planets is plotting at this very moment. Since he became aware of the location of Cybertron (and his ancient enemy Primus who forms the planet core) he has been determined to destroy it. But the distance is too great to attempt a teleport, and so Unicron must send an agent in his place. He dispatched three servants named Hook, Line and Sinker into an alternate reality 2009 and they have now returned with Galvatron! This Galvatron served his Unicron faithfully and was rewarded with his freedom and dominion over the Earth. To be hauled back before his old master is nothing short of treachery.

The Decepticon is informed that the Unicron he served is of a future that may or may not come to pass. All bets are off now they have started meddling in the timestream. What is important is that Galvatron has work to do. He is to go to Cybertron and scupper the Transformers' plans to become battle ready in anticipation of Unicron's arrival. If he refuses he will be punished. Galvatron agrees to the terms, but secretly plans a betrayal.

Back on the Ark, security chief Kup discovers Grimlock attempting to steal the deactivated Dinobots from sickbay. He draws a weapon and tells his wayward colleague to step away. Grimlock explains that he has found a way of restoring his warriors but Prime wasn't prepared to take the risk. He knows his Dinobots would prefer it to their current mockery of life, and besides the Autobots need the reinforcements for their battle with Unicron. Kup secretly agrees but as head of security, he can't turn a blind eye. Grimlock distracts him and uses the confusion to knock Kup unconscious. Much as he would hate to admit it, disobeying Prime goes against the grain for Grimlock too, but he will do whatever it takes to ensure the Dinobots live again.



Nightbeat is not only a detective - he appears to be a very capable scientist as well. It is more than you can say for Prime, who seems to be very puzzled by what he is hearing, even though Nightbeat explains it in very simple terms.

Hmm no sooner do I compliment Mr Wildman on his art when I come across a stinker. It's Galvatron's face on page 12 - he looks like a little woodland animal with his button nose and yawning mouth. Unicron gets a good rendition though, and Grimlock isn't bad, although his face plate does look a little rubbery rather than the solid sheet of metal which it is. The same goes for Kup if you look at the way his face distorts when punched on page 16. It is a difficult one because I know that a lot of people like Wildman's work because he give Transformers expressions, rather than have them look plain like in the cartoons or Pat Lee's work. But I feel that they are made from metal and shouldn't distort like their faces are made of flesh. Likewise I'm no fan of the saliva or tears that Andy gives his robots on occasion.

The dynamic between Kup and Grimlock is interesting. I hadn't realised they had things in common such as a dislike of inaction or playing safe. Both have a hardline approach to waging the war but Kup is more inclined to work within the rules. Grimlock disobeys his orders this time but I sense the writer wants us to sympathise with the character, so we are privy to Grimlock's thoughts about Prime being boss and Grim's current line of action going against the grain.

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