Transformers UK: Issue #295

Story 1: Legacy of Unicron (Part 6)
Story 2: Matrix Quest: All Fall Down (Part 2)
Back-up strip: GI Joe The Action Force
Cover date: 10th November, 1990
Price: 50p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Dan Reed, Geoff Senior, Stewart Johnson (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Prime must stop Thunderwing without the Matrix being destroyed with him.

The Creation Matrix has become tainted by evil and is now possessed by a Decepticon - the merciless Lord Thunderwing! Using an Autobot shuttle he has boarded the Ark and is now laying waste to his enemies. But Optimus Prime, as a former Matrix bearer, is able to penetrate the shield the sacred life-force has created for Thunderwing and counter attacks the Decepticon. Prime cracks him one in the back and then strikes another blow, sending the enemy crashing to the floor. Optimus picks up a huge hunk of machinery to flatten Thunderwing, but falters when the Decepticon asks him if he is prepared to damage the Matrix in the attack? This is the only thing that can save the Transformers from Unicron and revive the legions of fallen Autobots aboard the Ark.

The moment of weakness is costly as Thunderwing unleashed a torrent of Matrix energy and pummels Prime with blow after blow - even imprinting his head into the Ark bulkhead! The other Decepticons cautiously exit the shuttle fearing that their leader has gone insane and everyone is in danger - themselves included! With Prime at his mercy, voices from within the Matrix command Thunderwing to demonstrate how goodness can perish and 'show us death'. He shakes off the order and indulges Prime a final wish, revealing how Grimlock, Bumblebee and Jazz were beaten on the VsQs moon as they tried to escape with the Matrix. Lucky for them they were allowed to live, but Thunderwing will not be so generous again.

Prime's ploy to keep him talking while reinforcements arrive seems to have worked, but even an army of Autobots is no match for the Decepticon Matrix master. Headmasters Brainstorm and Highbrow take to the air and launch an aerial bombardment, inflicting pain and minor damage. The Matrix decides it cannot allow its vessel to be destroyed and must take full control. With that Thunderwing's arms and head go limp and a huge, Satan-like entity arises around him.



Fights between the leaders are always something special. Prime has had some great bouts with Megatron, Shockwave, Galvatron and now Thunderwing. Making matters more interesting his latest opponent possesses the Creation Matrix and this makes him an even more formidable opponent that normal. The dialog is great, revealing Thunderwing to be an out-of-control ego maniac, who sincerely believes he is unstoppable. Even his followers have gone beyond irritation and contempt to outright fear of him now. Prime meanwhile is wracked with personal conflict about whether he dare let rip on this enemy and risk the Matrix being destroyed in such a battle. Is it that easy to destroy the Matrix? I'm not so sure, given that individual Transformers have taken all manner of beatings in the past and survived. Prime himself was blown to pieces and resurrected let's not forget.

We can assume from Thunderwing's recap that the Matrix Spawn was killed in the battle. Certainly it is never seen again after this issue, and likewise Grimlock, Bumblebee and Jazz presumably escape from VsQs in the Decepticon's abandoned ship. Elsewhere the end of the line is approaching for Dreadwind as it is announced that Blaster will be taking over the letters page. Previous letter answerers have always quit leaving their successors struggling with a mountain of mail but poor old Dreadwind and Hi-Test are getting the push! I can't say I was too bothered at the time because this compere was not as good as Soundwave or Grimlock, but as we found out later, was considerably more entertaining than Blaster would turn out to be.

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