Transformers UK: Issue #294

Story 1: Legacy of Unicron (Part 5)
Story 2: Matrix Quest: All Fall Down (Part 1)
Back-up strip: GI Joe The Action Force
Cover date: 3rd November, 1990
Price: 50p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Dan Reed, Geoff Senior, Stewart Johnson (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Hook, Line, Sinker


By Omega Steve

Three criminals are reborn as Hook, Line and Sinker to serve Unicron.

Welcome to the end of the world, courtesy of everyone's favourite planet guzzler Unicron! Our scene opens with the dark god feasting on a mechanical world called Ghennix and condemning some six billion sparks to oblivion. A lone ship streaks away from the carnage and it is carrying three desperate criminals, the last survivors of their world. But a powerful green ray erupts from Unicron and obliterates the ship, then begins to rebuild the trio into loyal servants known as Hook, Line and Sinker. Unicron's enemies on Cybertron have been alerted to his approach and will plan for his destruction. He commands Hook, Line and Sinker to travel to an alternate future and apprehend Galvatron. This powerful Decepticon warrior will then travel to Cybertron and act as Unicron's herald.

All of this may not be necessary of course, for aboard the Ark it transpires that the thing Unicron fear the most - the Matrix, has been turned to evil. It now serves and protects Decepticon Lord Thunderwing and attacks Optimus Prime! With the Autobot leader down Hot Rod leads the charge, only for Thunderwing to unleash another devastating ray which puts Landmine down - perhaps permanently! Hot Rod, Getaway and Crosshairs try to seize the Matrix from their enemy but are easily repelled. The Autobots could really use some light in this darkest hour!



Unicron seems to be everywhere at the moment, what with the UK comic reprinting the classic Legacy story from 1988 and now the US strip. The scene with Hook, Line and Sinker being created is clearly inspired by Galvatron's birth in the movie and these three new characters are interesting. The names are slightly odd, being associated with fishing of all things, but they are sent off to catch Galvatron from the time stream so perhaps therein lies the logic. I think we are supposed to believe from Landmine's staring eyes and the cover slogan 'The Late Pretender' that the character has been killed off. It would be a shame if this were so because I for one thought he made a good team, paired with Cloudburst in the Mecannibals stories and would have liked to have seen more (perhaps without the Meccanibals next time). But if this is curtains for Landmine it is a precursor to the mass deaths we are going to see in On The Edge of Extinction, the 1991 story which deals with Unicron's arrival.

There has been a sneaky 5p price increase which has been decided without prior warning. I am sure this will have peeved any kids who turned up at the newsagent with the exact money (45p as it was). But on a serious note this is the second rise in a year and must reflect a problem of some kind. As we know the UK was in recession at the time, and all the messing around with black and white pages and poor quality paper recently, could be a sign of escalating printing costs. It might also mean that readership is falling and Marvel bosses are trying to squeeze a bit more money out of the remaining readers to compensate. Sadly it is a self-fulfilling cycle that quality compromises lead to a drop in sales which leads to less money and the need to make economies.

At least the main strip is pulling its weight even if the rest of the comic isn't.

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