Transformers UK: Issue 227

Story1: Headhunt (Part 3)
Story2: Aspects of Evil (Part 5)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: July 22, 1989
Price: 38p
Writers: Simon Furman
Artwork: Geoff Senior/Simon Coleby (story) Geoff Senior (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Unicron, evil personified, returns to destroy Cybertron in 2010.

To call Unicron evil is the grossest understatement. Calling him a force of nature ignores the twisted mind at work. The Transformers experienced the third coming of the chaos bringer in 2010 (as a glance at the opening panel shows). Twice before the Autobots had defeated him, and after the last time (issue 151) his essence had been imprisoned within the Matrix. But somehow Unicron had managed to break free and forge a new body. He returned to Cybertron on a rampage, not for conquest or even revenge, but purely out of a wanton desire to destroy everything in his path!

In 2356, a feeble Rodimus Prime is telling the story of the ultimate aspect of evil to a sceptical student. The insolent youth thinks the old man is making it up, after all how could he know what was going on in the mind of Unicron? Prime describes how Autobot and Decepticon alike faced Armageddon and even Galvatron, the former servant of Unicron, fell. Prime attacked with the Matrix, which even tainted, was able to destroy the chaos bringer once again and return him to incarceration. In the aftermath Kup and Arcee had found Rodimus on his knees imploring them to stay back because it wasn't safe. Presumably because Unicron now dwelled within the Matrix, carried by the Autobot leader, once again.

The student has heard enough and he cannot believe that Prime could defeat a being as powerful as Unicron. He must be making it up as he goes along and peddling a pack of lies. He throws his Autobot insignia to the ground and walks out pledging to find Unicron and discover the nature of evil first hand. Rodimus despairs that his words have brought out the evil in the student. He must be weakening, allowing Unicron's essence to gain control once more. Deep within a voice chuckles, thinking 'soon, soon'.



Aspects of Evil: Unicron story doesn't live up to the hype in any way, shape or form! It is difficult to see how the comic could do proper justice to a major event such as Unicron attacking Cybertron in five black and white pages, but this falls totally flat. There is no story other than Unicron causing destruction and the Matrix exploding him, which has been done before. And there is no explanation of how Unicron came to be there. We know his body was destroyed in 2008 and his essence absorbed into the Matrix, so he would have had to escape and create a new planet-sized body in under a year (this after his form took millions of years to evolve). So the story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and when you contrast it against a decent Unicron story like 'On The Edge of Extinction', this effort looks very lame indeed. To make it more realistic it should have been set at some distant point in the future, say in 100 years time, or not done at all. Also we never find out what happens to the student who defects to evil, or the fate of Rodimus Prime.

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