Transformers UK: Issue 224

Story1: Wanted Galvatron (Part 4)
Story2: Aspects of Evil (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: July 1, 1989
Price: 38p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Will Simpson/Art Wetherall (story) Geoff Senior (cover)
Rating: Art --- Story


By Omega Steve

If Rodimus gives way to hate it could spell doom for all the Autobots.

For Wanted Galvatron see the review of issue 114 where it originally appeared.

Having skipped over the first seven pages and the cover of issue 129 with Ratbat, reprinted as a calendar, then the Sleeze Brothers ad, takes you to page 10 when the new material starts (sigh). Rodimus Prime, a bed-ridden geriatric in 2356, is instructing an Autobot student on the nature of Decepticon evil using episodes from the past as examples. This instalment has to do with quite possibly the most powerful Decepticon of all, Galvatron, and takes place in the year 2009.

Prime and his warriors have just returned to their own time after fighting Galvatron in Earth's past (during Time Wars) and seeing him destroyed by a gaping rift in space-time. But arriving home, they find the base under attack by the very Decepticon they thought they had seen the last of. It transpires that the time continuum has put its affairs back in order and in this new timeline Galvatron was created from Megatron in 2006 but never time-jumped (confusing or what?). Instead he's been routing the Autobots at every turn and now seems to hold the balance of power on Cybertron. Rodimus tells his people to hold fire because they are outgunned, but Galvatron has no intentions of a passive encounter and throws Blurr's severed head at Prime.

This sends him into a blind rage and he reigns blows on his opposite number, while Kup, Arcee, Flak and Sunrunner take on the likes of Ruckus, Crankcase and other cons. But moments later the Autobots feel a burning sensation within their bodies which can only be from the Matrix itself! Arcee realises what's happening in an instant - the sacred lifeforce is being perverted by its guardian, and while Rodimus continues to give in to his rage the essence of Unicron (trapped inside the Matrix since issue 151 is growing stronger. Galvatron must have anticipated this would happen and is hoping to bend the Matrix to his evil will!

Words of reason from Arcee are enough for Rodimus to break off the attack and the Autobots flee, having triumphed over the savage within themselves. And back in the distant future the student is growing impatient to learn of the ultimate evil, but he must wait a while longer as Rodimus prepares to tell of the cold, inhuman, logic... of Shockwave!



Hold on a minute. So Galvatron goes back in time and is destroyed in the past, but the time continuum rights itself creating a new timeline where he never left the future. Surely this means all of the stories from 101 up to and including Time Wars could now not have happened? And if this is the case then the rift couldn't have destroyed Galvatron and created a new time line! It is all very confusing and I won't pretend to have the answers. I'd be interested to hear any theories readers have though. I'm not sure whether the rift repaired Galvatron when it deposited him back in the future, meaning he has memories of the events of Time Wars, or if this is a new Galvatron that doesn't remember going into the past.

In any event the story is okay but, as with all of these short black and white tales, there's no real meat to it. The idea of rage being the path to evil is interesting in this case but hardly original, it's been done before in Return of the Jedi. A nice reminder that just because Unicron has been absorbed by the Matrix doesn't mean we've seen the last of him. The art doesn't impress me much and looks pretty poor in places. No doubt the lack of colour isn't doing it any favours, but compare it with Geoff Senior's work on the cover (image reproduced above) and there is a gulf of difference. This effort is not quite Andy Wildman levels but in that ball-park.

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