Transformers UK: Issue 222

Story1: Wanted Galvatron (Part 2)
Story2: Survivors (Part 4)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: June 17, 1989
Price: 38p
Writers: Simon Furman
Artwork: Geoff Senior/John Stokes (story) Simon Coleby (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Carnivac and Cattilla to the rescue - but Snarler is not happy

In the Hudden Nuclear power plant, Skids and the last of the Wreckers are fighting a losing battle against a nightmare horde. They need reinforcements fast, but whether their Decepticon allies Carnivac and Cattilla are at liberty to help is another matter entirely. At the makeshift camp in the woods the duo is being chastised by their more aggressive comrade Snarler, who says any alliance with the enemy is treason. He orders Carnivac to make amends by killing Springer and the others when they return, and then maybe he won't mention it to the high command. It is a dilemma for Carnivac, as he has forged a warrior's bond with Springer in their battle against Galvatron (see Time Wars), and to stab him in the back would be against his code of honour.

Catilla interrupts with a communication from Springer. He tells Carnivac that urgent assistance is needed and it is a matter of life or death. The Decepticon hunter pauses then says he can't help before cutting Springer off. Snarler is satisfied that leaving the Autobots to their fate will suffice and orders the others to transform, recombine with their shells, and return with him to Scorponok. Carnivac has a split second to think and decides he's having none of it. His Decepticon masters abandoned his elite team after the Galvatron debacle and no longer deserve his loyalty, moreover with Springer and the others he felt a belonging and 'found the true warrior heart'. Carnivac tells Snarler to stick it and sets off with the eager Cattilla following. Snarler is left fuming and vows to be the first volunteer when the execution squad is picked to go after the pair.

At the nuclear plant the Autobots are valiantly struggling against the creatures that Skids' mind inadvertently created during his two years in the dimension known as Limbo. Carnivac and Cattilla burst in baring their claws and fangs and start turning the tide. One of the creatures confesses to Skids that he and the horde and not mutually dependent and can survive apart, and suddenly all the gloves are off. The slaughter that follows is not pretty but it serves the greater good of uniting Autobot and Decepticon.

Later at the camp the fugitives, Carnivac and Cattilla, are preparing to set off before a death squad comes looking. They have no time to waste and don't see the point in involving the others. Springer disagrees, pointing out that after all they've been through this group owes one another their lives and should stick together. He offers Autobot badges to the pair, and Cattilla accepts saying he never felt comfortable as a Decepticon anyway, but Carnivac declines, preferring to remain in the group under his own terms. After all they've been through the upcoming battle should be a cinch - after all they are survivors!



Fun fact: Cattilla is the first Decepticon since Jetfire to switch sides. He was always included in the Autobot toy range but the comic has given him a more colourful back history.

A satisfying conclusion to Survivors which goes some way to make up for the lack of original material in the front of the book. As I explained/complained about in issue 221's comments the Wanted Galvatron story had appeared before in 1987 and the reprints were skanky on regular collectors. I enjoyed Carnivac's predicament as he wrestled with his duty as a Decepticon and the debt of honour he felt he owed to Springer. This is not something we see very often in the bad guys so it was quite original. Overall I am pretty impressed with the Survivors group as they have an interesting mix there and good potential. We have Springer the de-facto leader, Inferno and Broadside, a slightly loopy Skids (who its great to have back), Cattilla the Decepticon who switched sides and Carnivac the maverick. One thing is for sure: when Snarler and the new Mayhem Squad catch up with them sparks are gonna fly! Just a thought: what did the Survivors do with all those dead monsters? I can imagine human authorities stumbling across the bodies and getting quite a fright. Perhaps some scientists somewhere are conducting autopsies and research. New artist, Simon Coleby, debuts on the cover. Not too bad.

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