Transformers UK: Issue 218

Story1: Recipe For Disaster (Part 2)
Story2: Race With the Devil (Part 4)
Back-up strip: Visionaries
Cover date: May 20, 1989
Price: 38p
Writers: Bob Budiansky/Simon Furman
Artwork: Jose Delbo/Andy Wildman (story) Lee Sullivan (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Warrior maidens attack Landmine and Cloudburst as trespassers!

The Autobot Pretenders Cloudburst and Landmine put up a heroic fight against the Mecannibals but are soon surrounded. The situation calls for desperate measures and Cloudburst tries a desperate gamble to talk their way out. He suggests to Mastermouth that he and his partner would make an uninspiring meal for the crew. Better to marinate them in mercury sauce, garnish them in succulent lead sulphide crystals and sprinkle with iron filings, then they will become a dining experience!

Master Mouth thinks it over and agrees that Cloudburst will go to the planet Femax to pick up the crystals. If he does this then Landmine will be eaten and he will be set free. Hi Test and Throttle protest about this obvious trick but Master Mouth has made up his mind. Cloudburst persuades him that 'every chef has an assistant' and Landmine will need to accompany him. He agrees, stipulating that Berko will stay as insurance and will be put to death if they fail to return.

With that the Autobots depart in Cloudburst's spacecraft mode to Femax, with Hi Test and Throttle following in the Decepticon Dreadwing. They are determined to sworn enemies fail and apart from that they expect the Autobots to be up to something. Sky Lynx, recently freed by the Autobot Pretenders, sees both ships depart and sets off in pursuit. Perhaps his help will be needed.

When Cloudburst and Landmine arrive on Femax they combine with their shells and blend in with the planets Transformer-sized humanoid population. The peasant men who are approach them are not very intelligent and the Autobots side-step them in search of an entry point into the mountains. Master-Mouth said they would find the crystals in there but the solid steel door which leads inside is locked. Landmine transforms into his asteroid mining vehicle mode and carves a new tunnel and they find themselves in a lush jungle paradise. Before long a tribe of warrior maidens ambush them and draw their swords. Landmine gives battles while Cloudburst searches his databanks for the appropriate language, eventually finding it and declaring peaceful intentions. The maidens are unhappy that men have trespassed in their kingdom and will take these intruders to the 'first one' to decide their fate.


Dogfight orders Override to run for it while he transforms into plane mode and launches a last-ditch attack on Starscream. He is easily deflected and goes down hard. Backstreet resorts to trying to reason with the zombie. He realises that is part Underbase as well as Starscream so perhaps it can be dissuaded from violence. The Starscream zombie listens and overcomes its dark impulses. Hi Test and Throttle use the distraction to attack the corpse and siphon off all residue Underbase. When the process is complete Starscream falls to bits and is gathered up by Darkwing and Dreadwind before taking to the skies.

Override bumps into Susan Hoffman as she is running away from Juluth tribesmen who plan to sacrifice her, and the other archaeologists, to the demon Starscream. The Autobot wants to prevent Darkwing and Dreadwind's escape but is persuaded to go to the aid of the humans. All three Triggerbots gather to lament their failure in allowing Starscream's remains to be taken. Plus they never found out who the Decepticon Powermasters were working for. Hoffman lifts their spirits by praising their noble actions this day while her fellow expeditionists (who are tied down) wonder when they will get around to freeing them!



The way Cloudburst talks him and Landmine out of becoming a snack is pretty ridiculous even by Budiansky's standards. Master-Mouth must be extremely dumb to believe that these two would be prepared to collect crystals to make them taste better and just turn up to be eaten. At best they are going to return with a plan and at worst they will do a runner. Considering that their last meal ran out on them this hungry pack are very easily tricked. The Femax peasants remind me of scenes out Gulliver's Travels while the warrior women are probably based on the Amazons. At last Landmine's alternate mode is put to use. Up till now it has been all Cloudburst. The ability of Transformers to access a language database when meeting new cultures is cool. As for the second story my comments are much the same as before. Too short and poorly drawn. Interesting use of Hi Test and Throttle's abilities though, and now that Starscream is back in bit he can show up in the Return of Megatron story.

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