Transformers UK: Issue 207

Story: Cold War (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: March 4, 1989
Price: 35p
Writer: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Jose Delbo (story) Lee Sullivan (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Tantrum is torn in to two by Scorponok's powerful pinchers.

Buster Witwicky's tenure as a Decepticon captive is about to come to an end. As hostilities break out between Scorponok's men and the Predacons blocking their path, Starscream (the instigator of the civil unrest) blasts away with the perplexed Buster. Scorponok boots the guards out of the way and rallies his Targetmaster, Pretender and Terrorcon troops to his side. Razorclaw calls to Ratbat for help and in moments two sizable armies are mobilised for confrontation. It is going to be Decepticon against Decepticon!

The fighting starts as Buzzsaw slices off Cutthroat's arm and Blitzwing hacks Fangry with his sword. Bugly falls prey to Skywarp's teleporting abilities but soon learns to predict where he will appear and has live rounds waiting for him. Apeface batters Rampage with a severed limb and Scorponok rips Tantrum in two. Ratbat finds himself paralysed by Bomburst, who prepares to syphon his fuel, but the Seacons burst out of the ice to come to their commander's aid.

Not far from the action Starscream transforms and lands in the Arctic wasteland. He dumps Buster (who is wearing short-sleeves) and hands him a distress call which he can use to summon he Autobots. Buster knows that they will face two Decepticon armies when they arrive and it could be a slaughter, but what choice does he have? Starscream uses the confusion to sneak aboard Scorponok's ship and steal so that he can travel into space and intercept the approaching Underbase. Both commanders realise they have been tricked and decide to call a ceasefire.



This issue's huge cast of characters is a taster of what is coming in the later instalments of the Underbase. Ratbat's crew have the upper hand initially but are quickly overwhelmed by all the 'gimmicky' newcomers such as Pretenders and varios 'masters'. Ironically this is a metaphor for the direction that stories have been taking recently with old characters barely getting a look in these days. The colouring is ropey in places this issue (see page 7) with figures lazily filled-in in a single block of colour instead of detail. On page 5 Thundercracker is coloured as Starscream which is an obvious mistake! Soundwave still has a mouth instead of his traditional face plate, and the new design is wanky in my view. Poor old Buster - he surely could not survive more than a few minutes in the Arctic with no coat or shelter? That is even if the Autobots came to get him really fast.

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