Transformers UK: Issue 206

Story: Cold War (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: February 25, 1989
Price: 35p
Writer: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Jose Delbo (story) Andy Wildman (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Scorponok gets the distinct impression he is not wanted.

The frozen wastes of the Arctic tremble as scores of oil-thirsty Decepticons spill from a huge cave, guns charged and ready! Leading them is former fuel-auditor Ratbat, now commander of the earth-bound Decepticons, and the cause of the alert is an unidentified spacecraft coming in to land. The Seacons combine into the awesome Piranacon and begins to pound the vesel until Starscream arrives ordering the Decepticons to stand-down. This is not an attack but a visit from Scorponok and his band of Decepticons who had come seeking an alliance!

Naturally Scorponok is fuming at the welcome and Ratbat isn't pleased to see him either - especially as he would rather be concentrating on his plans to capture the Underbase. When Scorponok's crew reveal that they are bonded to Nebulans (fleshlings according to Ratbat) the dislike is complete. Nevertheless Ratbat orders Starscream to show the visitors around and then get rid of them as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances is he to reveal sensitive information about the Underbase project.

Meanwhile in the Caribbean Sea, Optimus Prime, Blaster, and Spike Witwicky have travelled aboard Fortress Maximus to the spot where the Decepticon's island base used to be. Clearly it has moved but to where - and what has happened to Buster? Spike is troubled and Blaster feels responsible but Prime does his best to cheer them up. He is confident that the Decepticons will make their move soon and then the Autobots will be ready.

Back in the Arctic base, Starscream leads his tour to the area where Buster is being held captive. As he hopes Buster lets slip a comment about Ratbat's plans for the Underbase and Scorponok realises that something is afoot and being kept from him! He confronts the slippery Ratbat and stomps off to his ship to plan.



Still reeling from the momentous events of Time Wars, the Transformers face another threat, this time from space! A vast database of energy that was ejected from Cybertron by Optimus Prime millions of years ago will shortly pass by the Earth. Ratbat wants it for himself and his scheming second-in-command Starscream is determined to thwart him. Anyone who stupidly appoints Starscream as their number two deserves everything they get, but the master traitor has pulled a blinder in this case by introducing Scorponok to the proceedings. Ratbat's suspicions are misdirected towards this new rival allowing Starscream to carry out his plans without detection.

This will be the Seacon's second appearance in the US comic and Piranacon's first. In the UK comic they have been around since at least issue 152 when Shockwave summoned them to Earth to fortify the undersea base. Speaking of which, the ship seems to have altered its appearance considerably. It used to be a thin column capable of extending to the ocean floor, but is now short and wide so that it can squeeze into a gigantic Arctic cave. Either the artist is being inconsistent or the ship has transformed. I don't know why the Decepticons are keeping Buster alive now that he serves no purpose. He must be a drain on their resources to keep clothed, fed and guarded.

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