Transformers UK: Issue #205

Story: Time Wars (Part 7)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: February 18, 1989
Price: 35p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Lee Sullivan (story) Andy Wildman (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Galvatron has defeated his enemies but cannot overcome the awesome power of the time vortex!

Moments after Optimus Prime's dramatic entry last issue, the legendary Autobot now lays on his back with chunks of metal pulled out and burning circuits. Galvatron smashes a huge boulder on him but Prime gets up and starts reigning some blows of his own. As he fights he fears that his presence on Earth at the same time as his 'future self' Rodimus might antagonise the time-storm further and hasten the end.

As the storm rages outside Fortress Decepticon, the mentally unstable Shockwave is oblivious to it and is slumped in his throne still trying to compute the logic of his destruction in the future. Ravage tries to pull him out of it and convince him that he must surrender Cyclonus' body to the rift as this alone can seal it. The Decepticon master spy fears that he is wasting his breath, but suddenly Shockwave gets to his feet, thanking him for the 'rope of logic' that has plucked him from madness. He begins to gather Cyclonus' torso and limbs and is lifted by the thought that he has 20 years to alter history.

Megatron, meanwhile, surveys the carnage around him and thinks it is time he was going. The alliance with Galvatron seemed like a good idea, but clearly his partner has started on a road that leads to madness and defeat. Megatron knows this from personal experience, and as the survivors retreat and Soundwave's crew return to the future, he strides into the distance with confidence. If his destiny is to survive the timestorm he will return with renewed confidence.

But the battle is not yet over for Prime and Galvatron who continue to brawl. Suddenly the violent mouth of the rift appears overhead and sucks the dead and wounded into it before focusing on Galvatron! Like a modern-day King Canute (who defied the tides) he resists its terrible fury but is quickly skeletalised and consumed! Prime holds on to a rock for dear life, but salvation arrives in the form of Scourge (who journeys into the void) and Shockwave (who throws Cyclonus in and seals the rift with a mighty blast).

The skies begin to return to their normal blue and it appears that the crisis has abated. Rodimus congratulates his admired predecessor and promises to destroy his time travel devices when he returns to 2009. The future Autobots depart leaving Shockwave and Prime the only ones standing. Prime thanks the Decepticon for his help but warns him that 'as long as he remains committed' to evil they will be enemies when they next meet. Shockwave (obviously getting back to normal) agrees - anything else would be illogical!



Okay, I've been somewhat lukewarm in my praise of Time Wars so far but this instalment most certainly delivers the goods. Prime is centre stage - and fighting Galvatron no less - and the lengthy saga of the future Decepticon's rampage on Earth is finally brought to a closure in typically dramatic style! The scenes where Galvatron is consumed piece-by-piece are amazing and one of the most memorable deaths in the comic's history. Naturally where time is concerned there is always the possibility that we haven't seen the last of him!

Nice exchange between the Primes on the last page, but I wonder what Optimus makes of the idea that he's due to be replaced in less than 20 years. He must know the chances are that it will be due to his death but, unlike Shockwave who freaked out at the thought of his mortality, Optimus seems very nonchalant. I wonder if he'd been tempted to treat Hot Rod a little differently know he knows the young hothead's destiny?

One thing I could never understand was how Galvatron could be in Earth's past and absent from future stories. Issue 133, where Shockwave of 2007 taunts Cyclonus and Scourge that Galvatron is content to stay in Earth's past, is a good example. Obviously the future follows the past, both times are not concurrent, therefore if Galvatron fled to 1987 he should be around in 2007 just 20 years older. This issue explains that Galvatron is killed in the past by the rift and explains why he isn't around in future stories. He is now locked into a 'time-loop' where he will be created by Unicron in 2006, travel back in time to die, only to be recreated again in 2006. A bit confusing but I'm sure you get the idea.

Overall, high octane action with generous helpings of death and destruction and a long awaited showdown between two of the most popular characters. A long running story is resolved and this instalment makes Time Wars in my view.

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