Transformers UK: Issue #204

Story: Time Wars (Part 6)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: February 11, 1989
Price: 35p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Lee Sullivan (story) Jeff Anderson/Dave Harwood (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

It's the showdown of the year as Optimus Prime meets Galvatron!

A particularly nasty looking storm has engulfed the Earth and threatens to tear it apart. It is a disturbance in the balance of time that was created by numerous Transformer incursions into the past and really hacked-off by Cyclonus' death 20 years before his creation. The story opens with Galvatron beating the crap out of the Autobot and Decepticons who have been sent to return him to the future (in the opening page he's blasting Rack-n-Ruin to bits while decapitating Twintwist!). Rodimus Prime and a mix of future and present day Autobots arrive to witness the carnage that Galvatron and his ally Megatron have wrought. While Optimus (deposited to the Limbo dimension when Rodimus time travelled) now watches the horror through the eyes of his successor.

The counter-attack begins with Megatron, but Fortress Maximus has his hands full against this powerful foe. Nearby Rodimus, Blurr and Red Alert confront Galvatron (who they discover has half of his face missing!). But his injuries have only made him more violent and unpredictable and he proceeds to transform to cannon mode and blast the Autobots.

Scorponok wants to get stuck in and arrogantly believes he can crush Galvatron - but the sneaky Soundwave thinks it is better to sit back and let everyone else soften him up before attacking. That is the coward's way says Scorponok, who launches an assault and gets holes punched in him. Ultra Magnus takes aim and Galvatron swivels Scorponok into position to receive the blast. Scorpy's troops are so incensed that they turn their weapons on Magnus. Things are rapidly falling apart and Soundwave discreetly rounds up his troops to return to 2009.

Over at Fortress Decepticon (or rather outside it) Scourge is staggering around with a huge hole in his back courtesy of Shockwave. He bumps into Ravage and explains that all future Transformers including the murdered Cyclonus have to return home to seal the rift. Unfortunately Shockwave has flipped and won't listen. Ravage tells Scourge to set off for the rift while he tries to appeal to Shockwave's logical mind. At the battlefield Rodimus is swatted away like a bothersome insect leaving no-one to oppose Galvatron. Optimus, still watching from Limbo, decides that he has to intervene even if it might hasten the end. Using the Matrix as a stepping stone he materialises on Earth - ready for the final showdown!



No one can argue this is an action packed issue when there are battles on just about every page. But the indestructibility of Galvatron is starting to become a little tiresome for me. Despite having his face blown off last issue, he's still able to fend off the combined ranks of the Wreckers and Mayhems, future Autobots, present day ones and Scorponok. Paradoxically Rodimus seems to have become wimpier and now gets brushed aside with ease by the foe he once famously bested within Unicron. A battle between Optimus Prime and Galvatron has been a long time coming though and should be sufficiently original. Art-wise, as I've said before Lee Sullivan's style doesn't impress me, but fair play to him for trying to inject a bit of expression into the faces. He does a pretty good Ravage as well but that is as much as I can say.

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