Transformers UK: Issue #203

Story: Time Wars (Part 5)
Back-up strip: Action Force
Cover date: February 4, 1989
Price: 35p
Writer: Simon Furman
Artwork: Dan Reed (story) Andy Wildman (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Cyclonus has lost his head and Shockwave is about to lose his mind

Scourge and Fracas blast a hole in the side of Fortress Decepticon and cautiously enter its wreckage-strewn halls. The last time they dared set foot in this place Cyclonus and Nightstick paid with their lives - courtesy of a Shockwave-controlled Megatron (in UK#189). The place seems to have gone to ruin since then and the cause is revealed once Scourge reaches the throne room. He finds Shockwave abandoned by his troops and muttering to himself about his death in 2008 and the failure of his logic. He is clearly mentally ill and probably as a result of trying to fathom the paradox of murdering his own would-be killer 20 years before the crime. Scourge is disarmed by this and starts to retrieve the body of Cyclonus from wall netting. In doing so he turns his back on Shockwave and pays the price as he recieves a blast in the back from point-blank range. He falls to the ground incapacitated.

Some distance away there is fierce fighting is outside the Decepticon's star cruiser. Sandstorm gets blown apart by Galvatron and a distraught Roadbuster and Rack-and-Ruin retreat into the ship in search of some heavier artillery.

A quick jump into the Limbo dimension sees Optimus Prime watching the preparations for battle through the eyes of Rodimus and concerning himself about the Transformers trapped in this nowhere dimension. They all have green parasites attached to their heads that are trying to siphon emotions to fashion some kind of reality. Prime has seen these creatures before and it aware of their threat but the others could succumb as Skids (there since Galvatron timejumped two years ago) seems to have done.

Back at the battle, Mayhems' leader Carnivac is at the mercy of Galvatron and waiting for the killer blast to come from his oppenent's deadly particle canon. But Springer's timely intervention with a boulder saves Carnivac and in doing so he leaves himself open to Megatron's attack. Carnivac realises he owes his life to this Autobot and there is no way he can now carry out his orders to execute any surviving Autobots after the battle. Roadbuster appears holding a truly huge gun and fires at Megatron. Galvatron sees what's about to happen and instantly dives in the way, taking the full force instead of his younger self! It destroys half of his face and he hits the deck - down but not out! Then tragedy strikes as the unstable weapon suddenly explodes, taking out Roadbuster in the process! Springer is grief-stricken and things are not over yet.



Really solid instalment that ties up loose ends, such as what became of Cyclonus and Shockwave, and lays the foundations for future stories with Carnivac and Springer forging close bonds in the heat of battle. We even see Skids for the first time in over 100 issues! Roadbuster's gun looks awesome and with his (and Sandstorm's) destruction this issue it seems the production team weren't kidding when they said this story was going to be fatal for many established characters. It's amazing how much punishment Galvatron can take and seems to be incredibly durable. Pacey, exciting story that delivers everything you'd expect and then a lot more. Definitely the best Time Wars instalment so far and looking good for the grand finale.

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