Transformers UK: Issue #186

Story: Space Pirates (Part 5)
Back-up strip: Visionaries
Cover date: October 8th, 1988
Price: 35p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Lee Sullivan (story) Andy Wildman (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Rewind, Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Metroplex


By Omega Steve

The sleeping giant Metroplex is woken from his slumber and now the Quintessons are really in trouble!

Oooh that looks bad! No, not the perilous situation facing Arcee and Hot Rod but the decidedly-dodgy drawings! I'm not sure what's going on but Hot Rod looks wafer thin and has got massive teeth! The last page is impressive, so what went wrong with the rest of the issue? Anyway storywise, Hot Rod and Arcee are running for their lives with a horde of Quintesson soldiers in hot pursuit. Arcee is still weak and tells Hot Rod to go on without her but he won't hear of that. He blasts the ceiling above the pursuers and brings tons of rubble crashing down on them. The Autobots to transform and drive away, while a dejected Quintesson reports the escape to General Ghyrik (now in possession of the Matrix).

Hot Rod and Arcee make their way to the roof and abseil down to where their fellow Autobots have been suspended on the city walls. Hot Rod opens the deactivated Blaster's chest compartment and ejects his cassettes Rewind, Steeljaw and Ramhorn who will provide much need reinforcements.

Meanwhile on Cybertron the Decepticon leader Soundwave is watching his army getting annihilated by the Quintesson invaders. In his despair he fails to notice a trooper sneaking up behind him and is about to get shot in the back when Ultra Magnus arrives and blasts the assassin. Magnus is tempted to leave the Decepticons to their fate but something tells him the Autobots and Decepticons need to team up on this occasion. Magnus orders his army (which curiously only seems to be the Technobots and Eject) to attack.

And elsewhere Wreck-Gar and Wheelie travel into an asteroid belt and bail out of their stricken shuttle on to a large rock. There they find two other Junkions who have rigged up a transmitter and are preparing to warn the universe of the Quintessons' scheming. Wreck-Gar gets a welcome home from his people in typical fashion and gets to work.

On Earth, Arcee and the cassettes are keeping the Quintessons busy while Hot Rod sneaks into the control centre. Which button should he press? If only he'd listened to Kup's lessons! He has to think fast because Ghyrik comes in and starts attacking, but the ground begins to rumble knocking both combatants to the ground. Ghyrik thinks Hot Rod has triggered a self destruct mechanism but the Autobot explains it is nothing of the sort. Apparently the reason why Autobot city can transform is because at its heart is a Transformer and Hot Rod has woken the sleeping giant. A quick switch to the outside sees Metroplex bursting out of the ground and finally, on the last page, standing ready for action. Now here's the strange thing - Metroplex looks really, really cool, and I can scarcely believe this is the same artist who drew the opening page. If only Sullivan drew like this all the time... then all I'd have to moan about would be Andy Wildman!



An up an down issue for art with it being quite bad in places but good in others. Metroplex, Rewind, Steeljaw and Ramhorn make their comic debut and I don't think they were ever featured in the US comic (aside from perhaps the movie adaption). Rodimus seems to be a lot more interesting now that he's reverted back to Hot Rod. He was getting too serious and boring in recent comics. This issue comes with a free gift of an Action Force sticker album and a free pack to suck kids in.

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