Transformers UK: Issue #152

Story: Enemy Action (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Iron Man
Cover date: February 13th, 1988
Price: 35p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Anderson/Baskerville/White (story) Lee Sullivan (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Snaptrap, Seawing, Skalor, Jawbreaker, Nautilator, Tentakil, Pirranacon, Fizzle, Guzzle, Sizzle, Sparkstalker, Cindersaur, Flamefeather


By Adam Hogg

Galvatron battles the Seacons beneath the waves then lands Shockwave in some hot water!

Shock is an invaluable tactic when mounting any attack or gambit, causing your enemies to freeze, and prone to mistakes. Whether it is against the Seacons, who so recently arrived from Cybertron, or against the Decepticon commander Shockwave - in the right hands shock becomes a potent weapon, and Galvatron knows exactly how to exploit it!

As his ominous form moves slowly across the seabed towards the Decepticon's undersea base, commander Shockwave is more than a little jumpy inside. Galvatron has returned to wrest control of the Decepticons from him, and must surely want revenge after Shockwave's previous attempts to destroy him (see UK#102 and UK#138). Suddenly a noise startles Shockwave who spins and blasts blindly towards his loyal lieutenant Soundwave, who luckily evades the blast. Soundwave informs that the Seacons are in position, but reminds him that they were brought here from Cybertron to do important work on the base - and not to battle. Soundwave suggests that perhaps they talk to Galvatron, but although logical, Shockwave deduces that it would not be in his best interest to do so, especially after all the trouble he has been through to gain the leadership. His interests come before the Decepticon cause, and he confirms the order to attack before the disgruntled Soundwave departs.

Back outside, the Seacons receive the order, and at team leader Snaptrap's command, the other five members - Seawing, Skalor, Jawbreaker, Nautilator, and Tentakil, transform and prepare to attack. Perfectly suited to this particular environment, the fish like Skalor attacks first with a barrage of fire, but a huge left hook send him reeling. Galvatron then finds himself faced with Seawing, and after blocking a volley of fire from the manta like creature, he finds his arm paralysed - allowing the shark form of Jawbreaker to catch him off guard. Jawbreaker is still smashed into the floor using just one arm, and a blast from his particle cannon sees Seawing off too. Galvatron is then attacked by Nautilator, but as he is slammed heavily into the seabed, Snaptrap watches nearby as Tentakil is also seen to by Galvatron. Clearly this foe is more powerful than Soundwave led them to believe, but they still have one final trick - the six merge to form Piranacon (either leftover Seacon can become Piranacon's weapon)!!

Meanwhile on a stretch of nearby coastline, the Sparkler Mini-bots - Fizzle, Sizzle, and Guzzle, contact Springer back on Cybertron. Their mission was to monitor Mt. Verona to keep tabs on Galvatron, who was trapped inside along with Ultra Magnus before managing to free himself earlier today (see UK#138 for details). They explain how they followed him towards this Florida beach, but were unable to pursue him into the water, so what shall they do now? A good question thinks Springer, who is deeply concerned over Galvatron's presence - can anyone regardless of their abilities stop him? Back underwater though, Piranacon gives it his best shot, landing a heavy blow that sends Galvatron reeling. Galvatron counters with a punch of his own before diving to the seafloor to avoid a blast from Piranacon gun - he hopes Shockwave is watching because his actions are playing right into Galvatron's hands... Back on the surface, the Sparkler mini-bots agree that it is now out of their hands, and they can only wait for Springer's reinforcements. Suddenly a voice behind them begs to differ - those reinforcements wont arrive in time to save them from the Firecons - Cindersaur, Sparkstalker, and Flamefeather!!!



Long ahead of their US debut, the Seacons all appear this issue, but it's actually their names that bring up a couple of points. Most obviously "Overbite" (the shark) is called Jawbreaker in this issue and later in the 1988 Transformers annual. I've no idea why the character should be known by different names in the comic and toy range but it is unusual. Likewise the Sparkabots are referred to as the Sparkler mini-bots in this story. Another nitpick (sorry) is that Pirranacon's name looks to be spelt incorrectly. It has two R's in it but the word piranha (which presumably it is derived from) has only one.

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