Transformers UK: Issue #149

Story: The Legacy of Unicron (Part 4)
Back-up strip: Iron Man
Cover date: January 23rd, 1988
Price: 35p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Dan Reed (story) Reed/Burns (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Its Smokescreen through the windscreen as Inferno throws his friend to safety and steer the striken ship into the Decepticons.

After escaping from the planet of Junk and Unicron last issue, Smokescreen thought he had made it safely back to Cybertron - but only for a moment. As blasts rain down onto his battered shuttle, Cyclonus and Scourge soar past preparing to finish him off. Although he evaded Death's Head due to Wreck Gars apparent sacrifice, Unicron promptly sent his two other puppets to finish the job. Alone and without a co-pilot to man the guns, Smokescreen is a sitting duck - with Inferno still in medical bay on life support after barely escaping Death's Head with his life. A quick check to the power core reveals it as near empty, and Smokescreen almost out of time. Suddenly the power gauge fills up, allowing the Autobot to pull the shuttle up and avoid the latest barrage from the two remorseless Decepticons. How did he get power back?

Inferno staggers into the cockpit, and although severely injured he has been repairing the engines. Smokescreen insists his friend return to med bay before he dies, but Inferno explains that without his help they are both as good as dead anyway. The situation is desperate, and word must reach Rodimus Prime of Unicron's resurrection on the planet of Junk, which is also connected to the full scale assault launched by the Decepticons last issue. Under the new command of Cyclonus and Scourge, Unicron plans for his enemies to wipe themselves out before he returns to finish the job. Inferno now discovers that the anti-gravity pods are wrecked, and as the huge battle rages below, there is little chance that this ship will land in one piece. Smokescreen insists they try and crash land, but Inferno has already made up his mind - and lifts up Smokescreen before hurling him out of the window, while Inferno stays to direct the ship towards the hundreds of arriving Decepticons below. Smokescreen watches the incredible mushroom cloud that follows the explosion, swearing to avenge his friend, while unaware of his survival, Cyclonus and Scourge circle the wreckage sure that nothing could have survived.

Back on the planet of Junk, Unicron is pleased with the result. Although there is little the Autobots could have done to stop him, it suits his purpose to remain undetected for now. Death's Head scoffs at Unicron's words, accusing him of being scared of the creation Matrix, but Unicron laughs and just seems to enjoy Death's Head's company for the moment. In all his existence, only Death's Head has shown the power to challenge his control, but Unicron warns him that if he ever ceases to amuse him, then his demise will be swift and painful. Unicron fears no-one, not even the bearer of the Creation Matrix, and the.... Death's Head listens, and realises that as Unicron rants in this fashion, his control over him is at its weakest - something he can exploit... Death's Head now questions his master why some of the Junkions are building a time portal. Unicron mentions of a loose end to tie up from the past - when his body is completed, Galvatron will learn that there is nowhere he can hide from him (see UK#101)...

Meanwhile inside Autobase, an emergency council of war is in session. Smokescreen has just filled Rodimus Prime in with the details, and as the other top Autobots listen (Grimlock, Kup and Ultra Magnus), they can scarcely believe it themselves. But it does explain everything that has been happening recently, and they must stop Unicron without delay - but how can Prime leave with the battle raging here? Grimlock decides to put him straight on this weak talk - Prime has the Matrix, and Grimlock has the Dinobots, what more do they need? Kup agrees to some extent, and insists that himself and Ultra Magnus hold the fort while Prime departs to Junk. Rodimus Prime accepts - the Dinobots, Smokescreen and Scattershot will accompany him to Junk, and the Matrix shall deliver them all from Unicron.

Back on Junk, Death's Head realises that now is his opportunity. He grabs his gun and blasts some of the mindless Junkions constructing Unicron's body. He defies Unicron, and once again the Demi-god sends Death's Head to his knees. But opening his mind leaves Unicron open to attack, and as his body suffers, Death's Head pushes his mind into Unicron's. He hopes that from here he can battle Unicron on equal terms...



It's the end for Inferno - in a ball of fire, as is only fitting. He'll still be around in the present day though so its not the last we'll see of him. Death's Head is not your average bounty hunter it seems, not only does his possess great physical abilities but is also able to count on superior mental power to defy Unicron. This whole business of Galvatron existing in the past and not simultaneously in 2008 confuses me. He travelled back to 1987 so should exist in the present day, just 20 years older than when he left. So in theory it shouldn't be necessary for Unicron to employ a time portal to retrieve his wayward servant.

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