Transformers UK: Issue #148

Story: The Legacy of Unicron (Part 3)
Back-up strip: Iron Man
Cover date: January 16th, 1988
Price: 35p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Dan Reed (story) Reed/Burns (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

The stalemate becomes a bloodbath as the Decepticons attack and the Autobots are forced to fightback.

Cybertron 2008. Everything is just too quiet for Kup's liking. It is a far cry from the normal situation of being shot at from all sides, although Rodimus Prime tells his friend to enjoy it while it lasts. With both sides so evenly matched and stuck in deadlock, surely the constant struggle is pointless - but unfortunately this is the perfect scenario for an ultimate benefactor... A volley of fire crashes into Autobase, and Rodimus watches in shock as a full scale Decepticon attack gets underway. Kup thinks this is more like it!

Led by the new Decepticon leaders Cyclonus and Scourge, what appears to be the entire Decepticon army is arriving for battle and Prime has no choice but to call every available Autobot to repel the attack. Rodimus thinks this suicide is an odd mood for a mind as logical as Shockwave so perhaps somebody is else is pulling the strings? Both armies clash in one gigantic mediaeval style conflict, with casualties mounting left, right and centre! Rodimus hates this conflict with every circuit of his being, but until the battle is won the search for answers must wait. The instigators, Cyclonus and Scourge, watch the carnage from a nearby cliff with their master, Unicron, seeing the battle unfold through his puppet's eyes!

Back on the planet of Junk, Unicron continues to gain in power as the bustle of thousands of enslaved Junkions build his new body. His two puppets have performed their roles admiralty, and when the two side wipe each other out, Unicron will be ready to consume what little remains of Cybertron. On a distant cliff edge, the Autobots Inferno and Smokescreen, along with the Junkion leader Wreck Gar, have seen enough to realise that they must get back to Cybertron and warn Rodimus Prime immediately. They are sure that the Matrix can stop Unicron again, but Wreck Gar is deep in far more serious thoughts than normal - shocked that his entire race has been enslaved. Suddenly a mindless Junkion appears behind them and weapon drawn - but Wreck Gar with a quick throw of his axe takes down the unfortunate Junkion. As if killing one of his own warriors wasn't bad enough, Unicron is now aware of the Autobot's presence, and Death's Head who is also a prisoner, is sent to see that they do not leave Junk alive.

Death's Head attempts to resist, and Unicron is left impressed at his puppet's mental strength - but it is still not enough. Meanwhile the Autobots are just reaching the shuttle that brought them from Cybertron when Inferno is hit hard in the back and collapses. Wreck Gar turns to repel Death's Head who dives behind a mound of debris to avoid the fire, while Smokescreen carries the injured Inferno aboard the shuttle. Suddenly Wreck Gar is hit as Death's Head's incredible fire power decimates the the small barricade he was behind. Armour piecing shots reveals Death's Head as he walks up to finish the downed Junkion leader, but Wreck Gar reveals he still wins on a technicality - the Autobot shuttle lifting off in the background. Still he will not live to saviour this small...... suddenly the Bounty Hunter screams his defiance at Unicron's will, and blasts his gun away from Wreck Gar, insisting the Junkion leave while he still can. Sinking to his knees the punishment begins, but Death's Head knows the victory is his. It is a small victory, but successfully defying the will of Unicron is a start.



This battle seems reminiscent of the original Decepticon attack in UK#1, which also had devastating consequences! There must be hundreds of Transformers fighting in the scene above but not too many that are recognisable. It must have taken Dan Reed ages to pencil and ink this issue.

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