Transformers UK: Issue #93

Story: The Gift
Back-up strip: Spitfire and the Troubleshooters
Cover date: December 27th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: James Hill
Artwork: Martin Griffiths (story) Robin Smith (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Jetfire is having trouble fitting in with the other Autobots and comes seeking advice.

It is the festive season and the small Oregon town of Portland is enjoying a scenic white Christmas. Buster Witwicky sits in his room weighed down with college work; he is not enjoying the holidays as much as he would like. He wonders if future kids will be studying the Transformers war on earth, now thats a subject he would excel at! As the TV news report details recent events concerning the giant robots, Buster hears a knocking at the window - it is Jetfire.

The Autobot's timing is not the best as Buster has imminent exams to revise for. Nevertheless it is clear he has come in need of advice that only the Autobots' closest human ally can provide. Jetfire tells Buster he is feeling alienated from the other Autobots, because they are from Cybertron while he was created on Earth. He knows nothing of the Primal program and has never seen the celestial spires, and come to that, he has never even been to the Transformers' home planet. Jetfire narrates a recent encounter with the Decepticons in order to illustrate his point.

It had been just after the business with Galvatron; Wheeljack had been monitoring news bulletins and learned that the Decepticons had taken control of a NASA facility. Prowl quickly suggested a course of action, where he and the recently-recovered Trailbreaker would slip past the police corden and assess the situation. Prime accepted the plan requesting that Jetfire go as back-up. It was lucky for Prowl and Trailbreaker that he did, because sure enough they came under attack from Dirge, Kickback and Soundwave. They had been attempting to magnify the power of a NASA radio telescope to send a message to Cybertron when the Autobots arrived. Jetfire was unaware of the Decepticon mission and had targetted Kickback (rather than Soundwave as Prowl ordered). The insecticon had promptly shrunk into insect mode and vanished, causing Jetfire to crash. Dirge had taken advantage of the calamity to topple Trailbreaker, scoop up Soundwave and escape. Jetfire had told Prowl that his order to target Soundwave had been drowned out by the noise of laser fire, but this was not true. Prowl wasn't best pleased!

Buster listens to the story and reminds Jetfire that Prowl always overreacts. Jetfire insists that his comrade had a point and a fraustrated thud against Busters house shakes the building! Buster quickly acts to calm his friend. Jetfire knows he is not a bad warrior, and tells of another recent Decepticon skirmish, this time involving himself and Jazz. They had been overseeing fuel production at a Blackrock chemical plant when Thrust and Bombshell attacked. The surprise left the two Autobots reeling, and as the base became a flaming battlezone G.B. Blackrock warned that toxic fumes could poison the area if the plant went up. Thousands might die! Jetfire had seen red and punched-out Thrust, then blasted Bombshell. He had jetted across to a huge water tank nearby and used it to douse the flames. Though his actions saved the plant the two Decepticons were allowed to escape.

Buster is ecstatic to hear of the heroics and begins to understand Jetfire's problem. He reacts fine whenever humans are in danger, but is not so capable when it comes to helping his fellow Autobots. He blames this for his poor response times and is worried about being forced to choose between saving Autobots and humans. Buster reminds him that he is the first of a generation of terran Transformers, Earth is his home and it is only natural that he should feel closer to it than the others. These words of comfort can be his Christmas gift. As Buster returns to his revision, Jetfire sits outside the window and thinks things over, then smiles as he transforms and takes to the sky.



Another of those nice Christmas tales and of no real story significance. It does give us the chance to see more of the new Decepticon jets and the Insecticons, and we see that Trailbreaker and Jazz have recovered from their injuries in Target 2006.

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