Transformers UK: Issue #92

Story: Heavy Traffic (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Spitfire and the Troubleshooters
Cover date: December 20th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Don Perlin
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Menasor clashes with Superion with Circuit Breaker giving the Decepticon an unfair advantage!

As the Stunticons prepare to surround Skids, RAAT helicopters suddenly arrive and proceed to drop electrical interference foil as before. Deadend considers the human attack beneath his notice, but Stunticon leader Motormaster warns his men never to underestimate an enemy. Deadend promptly disperces the foil using his compressed air gun, and as Breakdown blasts one of the choppers out of the sky. Circuit Breaker realises that this group of robots are far more aggressive than the last, and takes to the sky to reign some of her own power down on Dragstrip and Wildrider. But Motormaster counter-attacks by propelling a severed truck cab into her. As the dazed Circuit Breaker hovers to the ground, Donny runs over to see if she's okay. Luckily she was only grazed by the assault. Walter Barnett also arrives to confront Donny, they have a lot to discuss!

Meanwhile the Stunticons continue to trash cars in search of Skids, and they have now spotted him - but luckily the Aerialbots arrive just in time. They soar overhead as Circuit Breaker grabs Barnet's radio and tells her men to target them. Donny insists they are here to help and Barnett is inclined to listen. But Circuit Breaker recognises the car Donny was driving as Skids - so he is a robot collaborator then!! And to make matters worse, the Stunticons now surround the helpless Autobot and pretend to protect him from the attacking Aerialbots. This Decepticon trick appears to work as both Circuit Breaker and Barnett now accuse Donny of being in league with the robots who were tearing up the road. As Circuit Breaker goes to rejoin the fight the special teams combine for battle!

Two behemoths, Superion and Menasor square off, tearing up the road completely as Menasor rips out a section of the flyover and crunches up cars like paper! Unnoticed to the battling giants, Circuit Breaker soars up behind Superion's head - while Donny shouts for her to attack Menasor instead. Drawing all the power she can muster, she unleashes a mighty burst of electricity at the Autobot, stunning him and allowing Menasor to deal a devastate blast at his torso. Superion falls and Menasor hails his victory, moving to crush the now-weakened Circuit Breaker. Barnett radios a RAAT chopper to throw him a rope and swings into action (Tarzan-style) plucking Circuit Breaker out of Menasor's path. In the distraction, jumps aboard Skids and the pair beat a retreat - Prime's orders were clear and there is nothing the Autobot can do nothing for his comrade.

Later that night, Donny begins to wonder if he will ever see his cheque again when Skid's internal radio picks up reports of the earlier battle. It reveals that the Stunticons had escaped amongst the traffic, no doubt satisfied they had further blackened the Autobot name. Donny is feeling tired and insists they call it a night at the next motel. Soon after pulling up Donny is again asked to put Skids to sleep by pressing the button on his dashboard. Once inside his greed gets the better of him and places a call to Walter Barnett... asking how much a Transformer would be worth to him - no fuss, sleeping like a baby. It is the quickest 50 grand he has ever made!



Another excellent story but frustrating how Circuit Breaker always seems to attack the Autobots and let the Decepticons off! I'm not sure why Skids couldn't do more to help the Aerialbots.

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