Transformers UK: Issue #87

Story: Target: 2006 (Part 9)
Back-up strip: Spitfire and the Troubleshooters
Cover date: November 15th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Jeff Anderson (story) Phil Gascoine (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Magnus has been defeated by Galvatron, but the future Autobots are hatching a plan!

While Galvatron battles Ultra Magnus the three future Autobots go to work at the scene of the solar weapon. Having rigged up the explosives and removed Starscream, they replaced him with a remote controlled and disguised Skywarp. Scourge and Cyclonus were soundly dealt with and the Autobots retreated to a safe distance to watch the show. The leading player, Galvatron, soon arrives dragging a barely conscious Ultra Magnus behind him. He wonders finds Cyclonus and Scourge unconscious and wonders who has attacked them. It cant be the Autobots, and Megatron and Soundwave lie exactly where they fell, so who? It must have been Starscream! As Galvatron curses his name, the three watching future Autobots are pleased that the right message has got through.

A short distance away the Autobots recover after their heavy beating by a remote controlled Jazz. Their lobotomised comrade now stands motionless, and Jetfire has finally given up. He dismisses Smokescreen's desire for revenge, after two beatings from Galvatron they are lucky to be alive. Smokescreen asks him to consider what will happen if they don't stop Galvatron. He could return the next year or even before there were even Autobots active on the Earth. He has to be stopped now even at the cost of the Autobots' lives.

Back at the solar weapon Kup is itching to detonate the explosives, but Ultra Magnus is still in the firing line. As long as he functions, Magnus will do everything he can to stop Galvatron, and with a lunge he tackles Galvatron to the ground. If the Decepticon wants him to stop him he will have to kill him. As Galvatron prepares to grant Magnus his wish, Kup again prepares to hit the detonator.. only for Jetfire and the other Autobots to arrive. Jetfire is sorry that he ever doubted Ultra Magnus and now thinks he is an Autobot through and through, and possibly the stuff that leaders are made of! Galvatron listens amazed, is there no end to the Autobot's suicidal stupidity? Kup knows that against Galvatron, Jetfire and the others are dead already and he decides to detonates the explosives, he can only prey that the get clear in time.

As the small explosions prepare to consume the energy core, the Autobots rush to get clear. Galvatron remains in defiance and is engulfed by the blast and buried under a shower of debris. For a short while a tomb like silence descends, until finally a furious Galvatron emerges. Who has dared to thwart his plans and destroy all of his hard work?? Starscream appears laughing and mocking. It is more than Galvatron can take and he unleashes a blast from his particle cannon, so powerful that Starscream is blown to pieces.

Then the reality sinks in. Starscream is dead, and without his interference Galvatron can no longer be created by Unicron in the year 2006. He concludes that his actions have created a parallel universe where Galvatron was never born. Logically nothing the three future Decepticons accomplish here can have any bearing on their future. Gathering his men, Galvatron returns to the future. This is a small setback but the time of his galactic domination will come, he knows he has all the time in the world. Nearby the three future Autobots also prepare to leave, and they wonder what to do with the real Starscream!



So in the end it was the repainted Skywarp who was destroyed by Galvatron. Although he may appear in the Movie, Skywarp's role is not as significant as Starsceam's, and just maybe he will be back! Galvatron thinks he has unravelled the events that lead to his creation in 2006, and decides to go home in the belief that he can't achieve anything in 1986 now. It's debatable why he doesn't stay and rebuild his weapon, but he may think that his and Unicron's paths are no longer destined to cross and therefore he will no longer be Unicron's servant when he returns to 2006. If anyone has a view on it please post a message in the forum.

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