Transformers UK: Issue #85

Story: Target: 2006 (Part 7)
Back-up strip: Hercules
Cover date: November 1st, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Will Simpson (story), Robin Smith (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Galvatron's remote controlled puppet Jazz administers rough justice to his shocked fellow Autobots!

Some distance from the Earth a Decepticon starship silently waits. For over four million years it has layed dormant, shielded from the planet below by sophisticated force fields, until now. A laser beam is triggered on Earth and blows it to pieces, for the Decepticon starship the wait is over. On the planet's surface Galvatron is satisfied. He has tested his solar weapon and it has passed with flying colours. The next target will be Unicron!

Galvatron turns his attention to Starscream, his new recruit. It is nearly time for the prisoner exchange (Jazz for Scourge) and Starscream has a role to play. As the newcomer transforms a flies off, Cyclonus can't understand why they are sucking up to a cowardly opportunist such as Starscream. But Galvatron assures him he has everything in hand, he plans to double cross the double crosser!

At the entrance to the Ark Ultra Magnus vents his frustration. He has failed to find any trace of Optimus Prime, just like he has failed his Cybertron comrades and the Autobots on Earth by ignoring their pleas for aid against Galvatron. Hotrod, Kup and Blurr approach with the vital answers that Magnus seeks. Kup explains that when a Transformer time-jumps, they lock on to beings of a comparable mass and displace them to a limbo between dimensions. Clearly Galvatron chose Prime, Ratchet and Prowl to displace. Kup is about to explain further when Magnus high-tails away in search of Galvatron. He realises what a fool he has been by not making the connection with the arrival of the three future Decepticons. Magnus knows that somehow he must force Galvatron to return to his own time in order for Prime and the others to be restored.

In northern Oregon, Galvatron personally oversees the prisoner exchange. Both captives are alive but Jazz is in a bad way. Jetfire warns Galvatron that next time it will be him in manacles but the Decepticon laughs, not without the help of Megatron he tells them! The Autobots realise that Galvatron has known all along about their unholy alliance, and is probably aware that Megatron is currently on his way to the solar weapon. Sure enough, Megatron and Soundwave arrive and despatch Cyclonus (who was standing guard). But before they can round up the Constructicons to leave, Starscream ambushes them and cuts both Decepticons down with two sudden and powerful blasts.

The Autobots wonder why Galvatron has gone ahead with the prisoner exchange when suddenly Jazz rises! His is under Galvatron's remote control and mercilessly attacks his comrades, finishing them all! Satisfied with the result, Galvatron returns to his base just in time to punch out Starscream (who is preparing to kill Megatron). Galvatron savours his triumph - all who oppose him have fallen. All except one that is. Ultra Magnus now approaches and tells Galvatron he will stop him or die trying...



Magnus' words echo Primes in the Dinobot Hunt when he pledged to keep the Dinobots in the water or die trying! Anyway the main thing is that we are now all set for a titanic showdown between the new leaders, and going off the fact that things tend to go badly to the Autobots I'd say Magnus is in trouble. I enjoyed the twist in the tale with the Autobots getting Jazz back only for him to turn around and beat them up - Galvatron's final humiliation. Another twist is Starscream wanting to join the winning team. As if there wasn't enough going on in this incredible story we now have his treachery thrown in the mix. And for those who have ever wondered what became of the Decepticons starship from four million years ago, now you know!

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