Transformers UK: Issue #83

Story: Target: 2006 (Part 5)
Back-up strip: Hercules
Cover date: October 18th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Geoff Senior (story), Robin Smith (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Shocks all round as Galvatron reveals his incredible secret to the captive Autobot Jazz!

In a corner of the Ark Starscream emerges from a cocoon that has until recently held his deactivated form in storage. He is confused - it seems the Autobot's compassion extends to restoring those they have defeated! Starscream checks the capsules containing the five other Decepticons who were beaten by Omega Supreme - three are too far gone to be of any use, but Frenzy and Thundercracker look to be on the way to recovery. Starscream wonders who has triggered his recovery as he heads (cautiously) towards some familiar voices. He is unable to believe what he sees - Megatron has teamed up with the Autobots!

Starscream arrives to hear a round of bickering between the shaky allies. Megatron attempts to take control only for the acting Autobot leader, Jetfire, to pitch in and remind him that his role is purely advisory. Megatron questions Jetfire's performance so far in leading his men into a pathetic defeat at Galvatron's hands. Ironhide reminds Megatron that he has fared little better and would still be buried under the rockface if not for the Autobots. Nevertheless, his plan is sound and Ironhide is prepared to go along with it. A show of hands from the other Autobots indicates that they too are prepared to put aside partisanship for the time being at least. Starscream gives a cunning smile - if he can forge an alliance with this being who strikes enough fear to unite sworn enemies, it would undoubtedly lead to rich rewards. Elsewhere Ultra Magnus can't believe it what he is hearing - Megatron and the Autobots side by side! He questions whether Jazz's life is worth this deal with the devil, but Hound believes it is a case of better the devil you know. Magnus suspects that deep down Megatron and Galvatron are both as inherently evil as each other.

Sometime later at the Portland Iron and Steel foundry, Scourge arrives in search of supplies. There is no question he would be happier hunting Autobots than ferrying stocks of metal - and he may get his wish! Sensing enemy Transformers hidden behind a nearby wall, Scourge reacts with lightning speed. A blast from his acid ray penetrates the concrete and fries Trailbreaker, but it soon becomes apparent that the place is crawling with Autobots. Scourge's gun is picked off by a well aimed laser blast and the Decepticon is reduced to fighting with his bare hands and the materials around him. Even with these odds Scourge is still surprisingly adept and impales Grapple with a sheet of metal. He smashes his way through a wall and outside, only for his escape to be cut short by a blast from Megatron's fusion cannon.

Elsewhere Jazz cannot believe what he has just heard. Moments ago he had awoken from his injuries to be told of the Autobots failed attempt to rescue him. Galvatron had delivered the news with considerable relish. Unable to remember the exact words he had spat at him, Jazz had accused Galvatron of being just like Megatron. Galvatron had laughed, he is not like Megatron, He "IS" Megatron! Jazz cannot believe what he has just heard, but deep down he knows it is the truth!



So we learn the Galvatron is really the future version of Megatron! This is something that is not as obvious as you might have thought seeing as it is still about two months before The Movie would be released in the UK. Nevertheless I'll bet a lot of readers sussed it out by piecing together the clues left in previous instalments. The picture of Megatron a short way down page five will eventually be used on the cover of many future issues. In the little information box in the top left corner of every Marvel comic. Captured Decepticons Starscream, Thundercracker, Frenzy and co. get an early return to duty in this story in contradiction to the US continuity where they are only retrieved by the Constructicons in UK#175 during an attack on the Ark.

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