Transformers UK: Issue #82

Story: Target: 2006 (Part 4) Wreck and Rule!
Back-up strip: Hercules
Cover date: October 11th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Ron Smith (story), Phil Gascoine
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Whirl, Topspin, Twintwist, Rack and Ruin, Astrotrain, Octane, Blitzwing, Fang


By Omega Steve

A Shrapnell clone bites the dust as the Wreckers practise for the slaughter that will be Operation Volcano.

The Decepticons turn as one, frozen by the chilling battle cry... 'Wreck and Rule!'

A single shot from Impactor's harpoon spears Shrapnel's brain module, killing him instantly. The Insecticon's high voltage runs wild turning him into a weapon which Impactor can use against Octane. Whirl draws the enemy fire from above, while Rack and Ruin sneaks up and disables Thrust. Topspin blasts Bombshell and Blitzwing as his fellow jumpstarter Twin Twist emerges from ground, surprising Ramjet and Dirge who are despatched with customary zest by Roadbuster. All of this leaves the fearless Wreckers... waiting to be annihilated by the waves of Decepticon reinforcements that will come pouring through the arch! As the training session comes to an end Impactor reflects on the situation. The bait has been set and in a matter of days the Autobot's deadliest enemies will walk into a trap and pay with their lives. Their elimination will provide a huge boost to the resistance movement and make heroes of the Wreckers. But success all hinges on Ultra Magnus being present to help them defeat the huge numbers of Decepticon back-up that is expected. Surrounded by the scattered remains of the lifeless training drones, the Wreckers agree that no matter how good they are the mission is simply suicidal. Operation: Volcano is off and Impactor will inform Xaaron straight away.

While the boss does the dirty deed, Roadbuster, Twin Twist and Whirl rest-up in a black market oil house. Even though they know that ditching the mission is the only sensible course of action, they cannot help but feel like they are letting down the Autobot cause. Suddenly a giant, rowdy Decepticon called Fang walks into the bar and starts picking on a smaller Transformer whose music offends him. Twin Twist is visibly angered and Roadbuster tries to calm him insisting "this isn't our fight". Back at Autobase, Impactor tells Xaaron that Operation: Volcano is off, and the Autobot elder seems to take the news surprisingly well. Impactor thinks he's up to something, and sure enough... Xarron tells him that should Magnus fail to return history will judge that he made the right decision, but what if Magnus does get back in time? What then? Impactor knows he is cornered. If the Wreckers quit now they are not only abandoning the mission, but leaving Ultra Magnus high and dry too. Reluctantly he changes his mind - Xaaron has an annoying habit of always being right!

Back at the fuel bar, Fang is still bashing up the smaller Transformer when he hears a feint battle cry. Turning to see who dares to challenge him, he hears the much louder war-cry of "Wreck and Rule" as Twin Twist charges at him with a thunderous punch that smashes Fang into bits. His fellow wreckers agree that whenever innocents are threatened it is always the Autobot's fight! Later at the Wreckers' base, Impactor holds an urgent meeting. He announces that Volcano is back on asks for volunteers. All raise their hands. The Wreckers return to practice, taking it from the top... The Decepticons turn as one, frozen by the chilling battle cry... "Wreck and Rule!"



This is our first introduction to the phenomenon that is the facsimilie construct and here we see the Wreckers laying waste to a whole bunch of them. It is an impressive debut for the team and establishes their warrior potential. Some Decepticons who have been around for a while and never featured, namely the Decepticon triple changers, are included among the bodycount. It must take a fair bit of resources to build these bots and programme them and you would think the resistance wouldn't have the resources. I never thought we'd see the Jumpstarters Topspin and Twintwist in the comic (seeing as they came out as toys ages before) so well done for that, and Rack and Ruin is a curious one - the strange result of two Autobots being joined together like siamese twins to save their lives. Macaddams Oil House is a nice touch (I had no idea Transformers drank for leisure) and the robot who transforms into a piano to entertain everyone is fun. Also Fang the huge Decepticon bully who uses his sink plungers on the musical member of staff! This issue has a free gift: a packet of Secret Wars stickers to go with the album given away last issue.

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