Transformers UK: Issue #71

Story: Command Performances (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Hercules
Cover date: July 26th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Don Perlin (story) Herbe Trimpe (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

The Decepticons run into the 'guardian of the gates' and 'junction of their destruction' Omega Supreme!

The Autobots continue their assault on the Decepticons coal mine base in an attempt to learn the secret of Devastator's combining process. In the ensuing battle, Skids finds himself the captive of a giant tentacle, but after Optimus Prime frees him, he then pushes his comrade to safety before taking a damaging hit in his place. Below them inside the basin, Shockwave decides that it is time for Devastator to turn the tide of the battle. As the Constructicons begins to merge, the secretly monitoring Bumblebee captures the electrical transformation pattern. Less than 30 seconds later the huge robot is formed, and after receiving his orders from Shockwave, Devastator advances on the Autobots.

Meanwhile in the distraction, Donny Finkleberg (aka Robot Master, see issue 55) finally makes good his escape. Devastator confronts the Autobots with a giant boulder, which Prime blasts from his hands. Bumblebee then informs his comrades that the information they require has been obtained, and as the Autobots make a hasty retreat, Shockwave believes they are retreating and beaten. As the smoke dies down, Ravage quickly picks up Donny's scent, and follows....

Meanwhile back in Oregon, Megatron and the other Decepticons are attempting to counter attack the Ark after hearing of Optimus Prime's full scale assault in Wyoming. Just one thing seems to stand between them and its capture - Omega Supreme! As the Decepticons land on the canyon ridge, Skywarp is blown to pieces with just one hit from Omega Supreme's tank cannon. Megatron doesn't care much for foolish warriors, and orders the others to attack. Suddenly the Decepticons are thrown back from the intense electrical current generating from Omega Supremes tracks, giving the huge robot enough time to convert to his humongus robot mode - and confront the bewildered Decepticons at his feet. Megatron reels as his warriors are picked off one by one, and left mangled, smoking and crumpled. Megatron is rarely beaten, but as he fires his fusion cannon at Omega Supreme, it is unable to penetrate the hyper-dense crystalline alloy of his wings. A huge swing then takes Megatron down, but before Omega Supreme can finish him, Laserbeak picks up his leader and the pair disappear east. The still satisfying results are transmitted to the Autobot convoy racing away from the Decepticon base, it has been a productive mission so far - but they are not home yet. Still on Donny Finkleberg's trail, Ravage watches from high above the rocky terrain as the Autobots approach the army blockade from last issue. As they thunder past, Jake Dalrymple recognises the one who dented his car last issue, and running in front of Skids forces the Autobot to swerve, and proves just enough distraction for Ravage to score a direct hit with a missile - knocking Skids tumbling heavily down the ravine. The Autobots continue off at speed, there can be no detour for the sake of a friend (can't think why!!!).

Later at the Decepticon hideout, Laserbeak drops Megatron at Shockwave's feet - his decision to attack the Ark has proven disastrous, and Shockwave will now execute him for gross incompetence. A battered Megatron rises to his feet with some revelations of his own though, it was in fact Shockwave who fell into a trap - one that sprung up around him. Whatever the Autobots sought to achieve today they succeeded, and as for the Decepticon warriors he lost, they mean nothing and can be replaced. At least with Megatron's actions, the Autobots know that they can never rest as long as the Decepticons are ready to strike at anytime. Shockwave ponders this before accepting his failure - and Laserbeak switching from his to Megatron's shoulder.

Later when the Autobots finally reach the Ark, the success is easily their greatest so far on Earth. Optimus Prime is not as pleased however, Skids was lost, and one life lost is one to many - he has failed as commander. Bumblebee is sure Optimus Prime accounted for every possible factor of the mission, but Prime announce that there is one he did overlook, and the most important - the human factor!



An awesome display from the Autobot's newest, largest and most powerful warrior. Quite why Omega Supreme is so longwinded when he comes to dispatch a bunch of Decepticons is a mystery. But it is amusing and I'll bet the Marvel staff had a giggle thinking up different ways for Omega to tell a foe that his time was up "I am the planner of your obsolescence, the furnace that fires your demise, the number you cannot compute... etc". Overall a successful issue on a lot of levels and especially in toy advertisement terms, with most readers probably wanting to get Omega Supreme at the earliest opportunity (too bad if you live in the UK though!). The issue features a full page factfile on the newest Autobot, who incidentally is about 10 times bigger here than in his next appearance. It's weird how Shockwave relinquishes his command to Megatron so easily, especially in the face of Megatron's failure. Sure he may have proved to the Autobots that the Decepticons don't miss an opportunity to strike, but they also got resoundly beaten and eight of their warriors are now in cold storage in the Ark! Shockwave took command in issue #22 because Megatron's stupidity led the Decepticons to defeat (after they ingested poison fuel) and I can't see what's changed!

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