Transformers UK: Issue #70

Story: Command Performances (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Hercules
Cover date: July 19th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Don Perlin (story) John Stokes (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Omega Supreme, Jake Dalrymple


By Adam Hogg

Optimus Prime leads a full-scale assault on the Decepticon base, while Omega Supreme stands ready to defend the Ark!

Every functioning Autobot has assembled outside the Ark to be introduced to the newest warrior in the battle against the Decepticons - Omega Supreme! You may remember that since his introduction back in issue 53, Grapple has been noticeably side-tracked - and creating Omega Supreme has been his sole task so far. Optimus Prime is now hoping that with Omega Supreme protecting the Ark, the Autobots can pursue something that has yet eluded them - the secret of combining Transformers (see issues 61 to 63)! While Omega Supreme transforms into his huge robot mode, Prime announces that all able Autobots bar Omega Supreme and Ratchet shall launch an immediate assault on the Decepticon HQ, to attempt to capture Devastator's secret. The disgruntled Dinobots however don't agree (perhaps they are angry at being absent from every US storyline since their much anticipated debut back in issue 27!), and Grimlock leads his team off to make plans of their own. The other Autobots watch in dismay as their most potent attacking third depart, but Optimus Prime had planed for this, and insists it changes nothing - the Autobots depart immediately towards Wyoming!

Meanwhile at the Decepticons coal mine base, the Constructicons have just completed the fortifications around the rim. Megatron considers this to have been a waste of time, while joint commander Shockwave instead sees Donny Finkleberg's continued presence equally pointless. Donny meanwhile is simply wondering how he can possibly escape these giant megalomaniacs, but with Ravage constantly breathing down his neck it will be a difficult task. Megatron then summons Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Rumble and Frenzy, to accompany him in greeting their Decepticon comrades, who should be arriving across the space bridge at any moment now (obviously unknowing of last issues events). As the three jets soar into the eastern sky, elsewhere in Wyoming the Autobot convoy arrives in town. With the dangerous mission firmly on everyone's mind, Skids watches the humans passing by - and realises that their must be more to life than war! Suddenly while daydreaming, a Lamborghini pulls out in front of Skids, who in turn swerves to avoid contact but slightly nicks the tail. While the angry driver watches, Optimus Prime insists there must be no delay in the mission, and as the Autobot convoy continues up the road, the angry driver takes up pursuit. A few miles down the road and they approach the army blockade, which is Jetfire's cue to create a distraction - soaring low towards them and drawing the army away from the road. As soon as they leave the Autobot convoy thunders through the blockade as the few army personnel left can only watch. Soon after arrives Jake Dalrymple of the dented Lamborghini, who is promptly arrested by the army - his 'friends' will have to go ahead without him!

The Decepticon base appears up ahead, and as the defence mechanisms spring into action, Optimus Prime commands him warriors to transform. Although they were not expecting this type of response, Prime expected no less from the Decepticons and leads the assault himself - charge!!! Meanwhile above the Columbia river gorge in northern Oregon, the flying Decepticons arrive to discover the seven Autobots who instead crossed the space bridge last issue, but before they can wonder what happened to the supposed Decepticon reinforcements, Soundwave appears on the communicator! With Optimus Prime leading a full scale assault on their base, Megatron's presence is requested immediately! Megatron though is unsympathetic, and instead decides that if the Autobots are in Wyoming then the Ark is defenceless and for the taking! As Shockwave ponders Megatron's decision, Donny Finkleberg realises that if Megatron doesn't make it back, then he wont be to high on Shockwave's agenda! High above the rim of the mine, the Autobots continue to attack the defences - they must get close enough to provoke Devastators appearance...



You would have thought the Autobots might have prepared before attacking, such as acquiring intelligence on the Decepticon base, rather than running blindly towards the new fortifications - and what if the Decepticons were not even there, this would have been a pointless exercise!

Steve says: It's not often we see the Autobots taking the offensive instead of reacting to events, so this is a welcome change. One thing puzzles me and that is why the Dinobots decided not to get involved. In a couple of issues time they'll be telling Megatron how they don't walk away from any fight! Omega Supreme looks a lot like one of the super soldiers that Prowl was suggesting the Autobots build at the start of the year. Prime scrapped the idea because it would cause too much destruction on earth, but seems to have changed his mind albeit with a compromise. They'll create one super soldier but his function will be defence not attack. At least now we know what Grapple has been up to all these issues since his introduction in UK #53. The back-up strip is also uncommonly good for once in the form of Hercules, therefore top marks all-round as far as I am concerned!

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