Transformers UK: Issue #69

Story: Bridge to Nowhere (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Rocket Racoon
Cover date: July 12th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Don Perlin (story) Herb Trimpe (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg
Blaster vers Straxus
It is the showdown that everyone wanted to see - Blaster versus the powerful Decepticon tyrant Lord Straxus!

Lord Straxus oversees the final stages of the Space Bridge's completion from Darkmount, while far below the surface the Autobot resistance finally bore into its subterranean levels. Unit commander Perceptor watches as Warpath relays explosives at keys points, and sets the detonation timer to give them just enough time to escape. The large Autobot presence then make there way towards the surface, knowing that they will have to fight the Decepticons above. As the battle begins though, Darkmount crumbles in the background as the explosives detonate, leaving the Decepticons aghast! Straxus and the Insecticons transform as they fall from the wreckage, with Straxus reverting into a fearsome flying cannon - and revenge on his agenda. Nearby, Blaster uses the distraction of the explosion to reach the bridge - with most of the Decepticons having left for Darkmount. The plan is working perfectly, and taking care of the few Decepticons left, Blaster places explosive along the bridge - but suddenly he hears a voice....!

The Space Bridge shakes as it appears to be transforming, resulting in the strange form of the kidnapped scientist Spanner - the Decepticons had made him into the space bridge!! He has opened up so that Blaster's job of placing the charges will be easier, and says that he must be destroyed for Earth and Cybertron's sake. Blaster is hesitant, surely there must be a way to save him - Spanner has always been a Transformer of peace. The pain forces Spanner to revert back into the bridge, insisting that letting him endure this obscene form is the worst thing Blaster can do - Blaster must destroy him!

Meanwhile the battle at Darkmount is not looking good for the Autobots, but as Straxus mows down more resistance members, Shrapnel spots Blaster on the bridge, and realises that it has all been a diversion. As the Decepticons depart, Perceptor wonders why Blaster has not yet detonated the space bridge - the Autobots must provide him with more time. Blaster meanwhile is still thinking over the decision, when suddenly the bridge becomes operational as Straxus insists that there can be no further delay in his plans. At the far end Blaster can see the strange world that is Earth, and at the other end its the arriving Decepticon forces, one of whom he knocks into the swirling void at side, destroying the Decepticon instantly (this is the compressed space that the bridge spans - very deadly). A misplaced Blast from Straxus crosses the bridge, disintegrating some tress on Earth, and which is noticed by a passing Police car.

The battle continues with many warriors from both sides being knocked into the void either side, but when Straxus blasts the main Autobot ranks, he transforms to find an unarmed Blaster the last one conscious. Whipping out his huge axe to remedy this, Blaster can do nothing but dodge this barrage of attacks, but spotting the main fuel line he noted earlier (the one that malfunction at the start of last issue) he draws Straxus towards it. A huge avoided swing cuts the line, but in Straxus dismay, Blaster kicks him into the void (although Straxus dies immediately, it actually looks more like Blaster kicks him away from the void - artistic error possibly!). Blaster is then left precariously placed beside the void, but before he loses his balance he is saved by Powerglide. The seven remaining Autobots rush to the other side as the malfunctioning bridge begins to vanish. It is soon gone, and as the stranded Cybertronian Autobots look at this strange world of Earth, they realise that the Decepticons are also trapped on Cybertron. Although it wont take them long to repair the bridge, by that time the Autobots on Earth should have been warned. Blaster thinks that Spanner would agree that the job was done (isn't spanner still living that miserable life!!), but now its time for them to bid farewell to Cybertron, and bid greetings to the Earthlings (we see the Autobots confronted by various military vehicles....the end?)



Despite his gritty exterior and dislike of authority, Blaster has huge and genuine concern for his fellow Autobots and particularly the underdog. We saw this with Scrouge in the previous story and Spanner here. Once again he is forced to sacrifice a friend to further the Autobot cause and it is likely to increase his hatred for the war and Decepticons even more. A showdown with Straxus was the only way to end this brief but excellent saga, and naturally the Decepticon lord is the mightier. Luckily he falls into an unstable part of the bridge and is destroyed (why does this result in death?). Straxus dies in the US continuity, going the way of all who are not part of the toy range, but he'll appear again in the UK comics. Blaster and co have finished up on Earth, which is the best place for them as far as readers are concerned, but we won't learn their fate until issue #90, ages away!

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