Transformers UK: Issue #65

Story: Second Generation (Part 3)
Back-up strip: Rocket Racoon
Cover date: June 14th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: John Stokes (story) Robin Smith (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Megatron and Shockwave have met for a rematch, but can Soundwave convince them to accept joint leadership?

The cameras are running, and as Donny Finkleberg plays up his Robot Master alter ego, he introduces the ensuing battle for the Decepticon leadership - defending champion Shockwave, versus ex-champion Megatron! In the distance the two foes are already at one another, in a no holds barred conflict using whatever objects they can find (abandoned army tanks etc.). As Robot Master cheers on the two combatants, Soundwave cannot believe what he is seeing - the Decepticon leaders scrapping around for the benefit of humans. Soundwave remembers that although it was he who engineered this meeting as such, he had hoped that a peaceful and profitable alliance could have come from it - but not this! Both are intent on being the leader to take the Decepticons into the new age shown in Buster Witwicky's dream - Soundwave just hopes that the Autobots haven't seen this mockery...

At the Ark, Hound can hardly believe what he is seeing as he watches the television monitor. Prime is already aware though, and mentions that as long as the battle remains in the confines of the coal mine then they need not get involved. They can only hope that the pair destroy each other, and Bumblebee is watching from a distance just in case it escalates. Prime turns his attention to the preparation of the special teams, with Wheeljack having already created a schematic of the first - Superion. The Autobots only problem know is understanding the combining process - if only they could observe.... Suddenly the alarm sounds in Medical Bay 1 - the Dinobots!!! Although they have all been repaired since the Dinobot Hunt, they have all suffered mental complications and remain inactive (see the 1986 annual story Victory for details). Prime is joined by Ratchet as he enters, but all that has happened is the Dinobots have recovered.

Meanwhile at the coal mine, the ridiculously even battle between the two would be leaders shows no signs of ending. Soundwave wonders what to do while Donny warns him from interfering, much to Soundwave's disgust - PUTTUP!! Confronting the pair he demands they stop this debacle before their enemies all die laughing - to which both leaders are left aghast!! But for once they are agreed, and Soundwave adds that wouldn't it be better to vent this power on their enemies? With the Decepticons mutual goal eliminating all Autobots, they should attempt a joint leadership - Shockwave employing a logical approach, while Megatron uses a more direct attacking approach. The policy that results in the greatest number of Autobot casualties will ultimately prevail, to which both leaders agree. As they get down to business, Soundwave jams the transmission... leaving the watching Autobots wondering what will happen next. Despite this turn of events, Prime insists that as long as they solely posses the secret of the Special Teams, then they are ready for anything.

In distant space, a stream of electromagnetic pulses emerge from warp space into a galaxy far beyond our own. But this is no ordinary or random energy, it bears a message from Earth - to Cybertron!!



The noise PUTTUP when Soundwave spits at Donny answers one of the longest standing questions on the letters page hosted by Soundwave. If you hadn't already guessed, every time an Autobot is mentioned on the page, he accompanies it with the word PUTTUP. The fact that Soundwave doesn't have a mouth is another question?
The Autobots problem of not understanding the combining process is a clear reference to an upcoming US story, Prime disparately seeks to observe the only current merge team - Devastator The message about to arrive at Cybertron in that sent by Soundwave in issue 36.

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