Transformers UK: Issue #64

Story: Second Generation (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Rocket Racoon
Cover date: June 7th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Barry Kitson (story) Geoff Senior (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Motormaster, Dragstrip, Deadend, Breakdown, Wildrider, Defensor, Hotspot, Firstaid, Blades, Streetwise, Groove, Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight, Slingshot, Skydive


By Adam Hogg

The Stunticons combine to form Menasor but the Protectobots can also play at that game.

Optimus Prime and Buster sleep, both are connected to a mind link so that Prime can travel into Buster's Matrix induced dream of the future. They see a power plant - a Decepticon Target, humans in danger - and Autobot responsibility, and they see the Special Teams!

The Protectabots report for duty, their mission is to make sure that the plant is safely evacuated. They are soon on their way, but Blades meanwhile has spotted some vehicles heading in their direction while he scouts from the air - Decepticons! The Protectabots transform to stop them, but these Decepticons are no ordinary bunch, they are the Stunticons, and they combine to form the mighty Menasor! Hotspot is not alone as he stands in awe at the huge robot, in the real world, Shockwave, Soundwave and Mixmaster have tapped into this dream, and they like what they see for the Decepticon future. Mixmaster though is unimpressed, but Shockwave is adamant the Menasor is infinitely superior to Devastator in every way. His words are cut short though as the Protectabots combine to from the formidable Defensor! Buster and Prime watch as the two giants wrestle, but the are not alone! Three military vehicles pull into the plant along with an army helicopter (Vortex coloured as Blades - whoops), while high in the air a space shuttle dodges 5 aircraft to merge with his fellow Combaticons - forming the fearsome Bruticus! It is two against one as Defensor is outnumbered, but the Aerialbots are also in on the action - the five Autobot jets merge to form the amazing Superion (I am running out of superlatives here!!!)! Menasor points his gun at Superion, but while Dragstrip hesitates (well he was called Dead End by mistake), Superion directs the blast at Bruticus. Defensor then crushes the head of the stunned Decepticon, taking him out of the battle. Menasor decides to make a hasty retreat, but Superion has other ideas. Using his Stress Fracture Cannon he creates a mini earthquake below Menasor, swallowing the Decepticon who lands heavily in the crater below. The huge Autobots share pleasantries, but the moment is short lived as they get a distress call from the Ark - the Decepticons are attacking. As they separate and head off at speed, they realise there is not a moments rest when you are a member of the .... SPECIAL TEAMS!

Prime and Buster awaken with a jolt, much to Ratchet's surprise. Optimus Prime confirms that this is a vision of the future, and for once they have one over the Decepticons - there is no way they could possibly know about the Special Teams! But a distance away in Wyoming, Soundwave is already informing Megatron of what was seen in Buster's dream. Shockwave is already hard at work preparing for their construction, it was that which allowed him to sneak off and deliver the news to his commander. Megatron listens to these words, its about time that title belong solely to him - it is time for Shockwave to learn of Megatron's return!



Menasor orders Dead End to stop messing around and fire (or words to that effect)- trouble is it Dragstrip who has been drawn holding the weapon! Oops. The mistake was corrected when this story was reprinted in Collected Comics 10. The story is an embelished, and ultimately better drawn, version of the pull-out strip we received to plug the special teams in issue #54. It also contains a bit of french as Defensor delivers the "coup de grace" (finishing off?) and this is the only time I can think of where we get this.

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