Transformers UK: Issue #63

Story: Second Generation (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Rocket Racoon
Cover date: May 31st, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: John Stokes (story) Alan Stevens (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Superion, Menasor, Bruticus, Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl, Vortex, Blast-Off


By Adam Hogg

In Buster's nightmare he is pursued by Shockwave and strange new combining teams including the Combaticons!

Buster dreams... running from Shockwave, he is in agony and wants to stop, but he knows it would mean certain death! Shockwave is like a demon who will not rest until it has him, and Buster knows he cannot escape. He hides and prays...the Autobots will save him! He sees Optimus Prime, Jazz and Ratchet, they are his only hope, and yet they are helpless as Shockwave tears through them - and crushes them beneath his heal. Shockwave has him now... there is no hope whatsoever. And yet.... he has been rescued by a huge Transformer, one he does not recognise has blown Shockwave to pieces. Buster has nothing more to fear... but there is another giant robot, a giant Decepticon attacks his saviour, but the Autobot fights back. Buster tries to run from this madness, but military vehicles block his path. Buster screams as they to merge into a huge robot.... which reaches for him.....

Buster awakens with a scream - he is safely within the Ark. His father and Jessie are also there, along with Prime and Ratchet. Sparkplug is angry about what he knows Prime to be responsible for - it was he who transferred the Matrix to Buster back in issue 24, and although Prime transferred it back, it has clearly left a lasting effect on Buster. Buster calms his father down, he too believes that there is nothing a hospital can do for him - this is some kind of message from the matrix! Far off in a Wyoming coal mine, Soundwave is informing his former commander Megatron about what he discovered about Buster (last issue). Donny Finkleberg is also present as Soundwave advises Megatron to remain patient - he will return to Shockwave and aid him in tapping images from Busters mind, then he will return with the news.

Back at the Ark, Buster has to decide whether or not to go through with Prime's idea to solve this. Buster feels he owes it to them, and that if the Autobots are to survive on Earth then they need this information - his father reluctantly accepts. At the Decepticon fortress, Shockwave demands to know where Soundwave has been during such important events. Soundwave tells him that he has been spying on the Autobots personally, learning that the Autobots are already preparing to mind link with the human (and the fact that it was Buzzsaw who relayed this information to him need not concern his commander). Back inside the Ark, Prime and Buster are both hooked up to a machine which will hopefully allow Prime to join him inside the dream. Buster is given a sedative to help him sleep, and as he starts to dream, Shockwave begins to tap into it...



An offbeat issue but quite exciting as it offers us a sneak preview of the new combiners - the Aerialbots, Stunticons and Combaticons (no Protectobots though). With the new toys hitting the stores that summer the pressure will have been on writers to shoehorn these new characters into the comic at the earliest opportunity. It wouldn't be long before they appeared in the US comic but over here we had a packed schedule, including the 11 part Target 2006 to clear first, meaning a long wait for introductions. Clearly the perfect compromise was to bring the new characters in as part of a dream sequence, ahead of their actual debut. Buster's dream is a good scene and obviously draws on his pursuit by Shockwave a few issues ago. Shocks is drawn with two hands after destroying the Autobots, which is an obvious mistake. Strangely none of the Transformers ever talk to Buster - its just him making all the noise, which is more effective somehow. Menasor is also missing his chestplate. Shockwave uses the machine that was originally connected to Optimus Prime's mind while his head was captive (see issue 35 for more details), although I have no idea how this allows him to accomplish this. The issue also contains the third and last of the 'Robot Wars' updates, recapping the story so far.

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