Transformers UK: Issue #62

Story: Devastation Derby (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Rocket Racoon
Cover date: May 24th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Will Simpson (story) Robin Smith (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

The Autobots battle Devastator with the fate of Buster Witwicky hanging in the balance!

After being sent to capture Buster, Devastator has located him inside what now remains of a stock car arena. As terrified humans still flee the area, Devastator is far greater prepared to deal with the Autobots after Soundwave's fine tuning last issue. Tracks, Smokescreen and Ironhide keep the huge Decepticon busy, but elsewhere Brawn has so far been unable to find Buster. Tracks sprays oil in Devastators face, but before Smokescreen can attack, Sparkplug (inside Smokescreen) spots Soundwave in the stands - he must have found Buster. Smokescreen zips off to face him, and as Ironhide wonders where he is retreating too, he is hit by Devastators huge fist.

Jessie stays at Buster's side as the other humans flee, and ignoring her pleas for help. She has no idea what has happened to him as he lies motionless, he had just taken one look at Devastator and gone into a shell-shocked state - possibly connected to the nightmares he had be having recently about combining Transformers. Soundwave stands behind her and offers a helping hand, but Jessie shouts at him about Buster being ill. Soundwave has already noticed this however, and after telling her to cease her annoying whining he attempts to find out exactly what is wrong by reading his mind. Suddenly it all becomes clear to Soundwave, but after blasting the sneaking up Brawn he is confronted by Smokescreen. Soundwave puts his hand up insisting that this whole episode has been a mistake of some sort, and offers to leave immediately without the human - and along with the Constructicons he does. The Autobots are bemused by this decision, but do no stop them from leaving - but they realise that Soundwave must have learned something. Smokescreen reckons Prime will want to look into this personally, and as Ratchet arrives to drive off with Buster, Sparkplug isn't happy with what the Transformers are doing to his son. Ratchet tells him that whatever is wrong with Buster, it is probably something that a regular doctor wouldn't understand. As they continue back to the Ark, Buster is clearly having a nightmare of some kind.

Elsewhere at the Decepticon hideout, Shockwave cannot believe what he is hearing. He holds his gun arm against Soundwave's head, expecting an incredibly good explanation for leaving the human if he wants to save his life. Soundwave announces that the appearance of Devastator caused a startling reaction in Buster's mind, and causing it to shutdown! After scanning it, Soundwave discovered something beyond belief - after once housing the Creation Matrix in his mind, he now holds a vision of the future of the Transformer race!



So Buster has been carrying a vision of the next generation of Transformers in his mind? All the more reason to capture him you might think, but Soundwave strangely decides he is better off returning to the enemy camp. The Decepticons are planning to eavesdrop on the proceedings but the is surely no advantage in allowing the Autobots to learn about the Special Teams - after all they have the Matrix and are best placed to build new warriors. The Decepticons aren't able to give life to creations even if they wanted to. On page 10 is another strangely empty text box (a caption box this time). It probably isn't much, but that's the third occurrence of missing text in four issues! Some excellent artwork from Simpson, particularly the Devastator battle scene above.

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