Transformers UK: Issue #59

Story: Robot Buster (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Rocket Racoon
Cover date: May 3rd, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Barry Kitson
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Wheeljack abd Ratchet show off an exo-suit they have built for Buster - but Prime is aghast at the prospect of involving a human in the war!

Prime runs through the Ark towards repair bay 2, he has no idea about what is going on, but he is sure that its not work on those injured during the Dinobot Hunt! Inside is a gigantic Transformer size exo-suit - with Buster sitting inside the head like cockpit. Wheeljack and Ratchet tell Prime that it might provide him with some protection should the Decepticons attack, but Prime is livid with two of his most reliable comrades - have they lost their minds! Prime will not have a human put in unnecessary danger, and despite Buster's pleas the matter is not up for discussion - the suit must be destroyed. Buster storms off in disgust while Ratchet and Wheeljack decide not to dismantle the suit until tomorrow. In the Ark that evening in a special room created for Buster, he feels sorry about the things he said to three of the best Autobots around. He knows that if only Prime had seen him in action he would of thought otherwise... and that's what he will do! Making his way towards the hanger, he will prove the suits effectiveness by carrying out an impressive task!

Later that evening at the original Decepticon hideout (built back in issue 3), Frenzy gathers components that can be salvaged for the Decepticon cause. At Shockwave's order he carries them away from the structure - still seething over this pointless task just so that Shockwave can remove all trace of Megatron's command. A short distance away, Buster lands to carry out his mission. Using this suit he will find something of value from this deserted base and return it to the Autobots....but someone's coming!!! Hiding behind a cliff he sees Frenzy, luckily one of the least powerful Decepticons - if he could bring him back as prisoner....! A powerful plasma bolt hits the Decepticon from behind, but as Buster moves forward to investigate, Frenzy is not as injured as he first thought. Broadcasting at full power, Frenzy implements his most powerful noise attack. Buster desperately tries to reach the control panel on the suits chest, but pressing a random button suddenly jams Frenzy's broadcast. As the Decepticon wonders what has happened Buster presses another button which sends Frenzy reeling in pain(!). Buster reaches towards the crumpled heap, this time there is no movement from the Decepticon, but he realises he had better get out of here quick after requiring a lucky break just to defeat one of the weakest Decepticons. Suddenly he hears a voice behind him - although Humans are normally beneath his notice, Buster has earned his right to die at the hands of Shockwave (well its says hands but we all know he only has one - not funny!!!)!!!



So what does Buster say on page 6? We see an empty speech bubble from the miffed boy, very strange - could it possible be that bad it needed censoring, or just letterer Annie Halfacree having an off day? Buster's seating pose and the helmet on his head look reminiscent of Professor Morris back in issue 45-46 and I wonder if the equipment is based on his technology? Either that or a precursor to the exo-suits which we're about to see in Transformers the Movie at this point. Buster does look exposed though as an opponent is likely to aim straight for the glass that shields him.

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