Transformers UK: Issue #57

Story: Plight of the Bumblebee (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Rocket Racoon
Cover date: April 19th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Len Kaminski
Artwork: Graham Nolan
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Feeling unwanted, Bumblebee decides to go it alone, only to become a target for the Decepticons!

Deep within a makeshift fortress, the Decepticons loyal to Shockwave are unaware of the recent events in the Wyoming coal mine (see last issue for Megatron's return). Shockwave's latest plan involves the capturing and controlling the mind of an Autobot, and Bumblebee being the smallest is seen as the perfect candidate. The other Decepticons agree, by controlling Bumblebee's every action, the Autobot hate propaganda will continue.

Back at the Ark, the Autobots are still recovering after their disastrous pounding by the human armed forces last issue. Optimus Prime is very concerned about the amount of exposure the Transformers have had to Humans recently, and while he chats to Ratchet a distressed Bumblebee watches on. Bumblebee's low confidence makes him believe that he is not pulling is weight enough, and that the other Autobots would probably be better off without him. After a short drive from the Ark, Bumblebee sits on the hill and feels sorry for himself, but unknown to him danger lurks in the clouds above. Laserbeak has been monitoring him, and shortly after giving the location, Shockwave and the other flying Decepticons are on there way.

Caught unaware by the initial attack, Bumblebee survives and is explosively pursued into the town as the Decepticons tail him with a volley of fire. Knowing that he couldn't possibly outrun them, and with his communicator damaged he drives into a nearby filled car lot and shuts himself down. With the signal lost the Decepticons pull back, but remain ready to pounce we he reappears. Sometime later, two men climb into the car lot ,and after taking a fancy to a certain yellow Beetle they promptly hot-wire it. Unaware of the dangers ahead they take off at speed - the waiting Decepticons have his signal once more. Back at the ark, the news bulletin featuring the apparently unbelievable events in town earlier are monitored with much interest by Optimus Prime. Realising that it is the missing Bumblebee in danger, the Autobots prepare to help their missing comrade.



On page 13, the newscaster says "Maneoeuvre", this was changed from the US comics "Maneuvers. Although the spelling has been edited, its been edited wrongly so now both the UK spelling and the tense are wrong (DOH!!). Uninterestingly, page 8 has a its page number at the both the top and bottom of it. Not the best of cut off points, with the issue ending half way through a conversation!

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