Transformers UK: Issue #52

Story: Shooting Star (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Robotix
Cover date: March 15th, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Don Perlin
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

Another fall restores Megatron's free will, but Joey can avoid death if he is able to impress the Decepticon.

Still on the run from the police, small-time criminal Joey Slick (who is now in control of Megatron) blasts down an overpass to stop his pursuers in their tracks. In just a few weeks, Joey creates a one man crime wave using Megatron's amazing power and is soon making the headlines. Megatron never misses a shot as bank after bank are robbed, bringing him money, wealth, women and power! After one such robbery he is confronted by the entire army, but they are no much for Megatron's firepower, and are left in ruin as Joey walks from the scene without as much as a scratch!

Jake Lomax (Joey's ex-boss) can hardly believe what he is reading as the morning papers arrive. He realises he must be the laughing stock of all the west coast crime bosses - he wants Joey dead, and swears to do it himself! Elsewhere in a luxury penthouse apartment, Joey resides with his new friends, but realising they only want him for his money he tells them to give him some privacy before commanding Megatron to Transform (The floor must be incredibly strong for it to take his weight!). Megatron is unable to think for himself and remains silent while Joey ponders his next move. Afterwards Joey tells his friends to find another mug before paying a visit to his old neighbourhood. As he pulls up in a smart car, most of his old friends are reluctant to talk to him, while some kids who used to play football in the street now respect his successful life of crime - Joey feels bad, and decides it's time to put his affairs in order.

He decides that the only way to escape this mess is to repay the person who started it - he visits Jake Lomax. Making short work of the welcoming committee, Joey puts holes all over the mansion before Lomax surrenders. He tosses Megatron to the ground before knocking Lomax over with one punch, showering him with the money he originally owed - plus interest. Joey turns around to see Megatron in robot mode, the heavy fall had reconnected his brain functions. Megatron prepares to destroy this human who claims to control him, and Joey seems to accept his fate after his crimes - but Megatron respects this and decides to spare him. As Megatron walks off with a war to win, the Police arrive to pick up the not so super criminal.



Who'd have thought Megatron capable of showing mercy, and to a 'lower lifeform' of all people! I can't believe that all Joey owed Lomax was $600, the way his henchment were carrying on you'd have thought it was a lot more. We never see Joey Slick again but we can safely assume he did a long stretch and perhaps mended his ways when his time was served. There is a free gift with this issue, a Transformers sticker album! I not-so-recently saw a copy complete with sticker album and still sealed in the plastic bag, selling for �50 on ebay. Not bad for someone who paid 30p back in 1986.

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