Transformers UK: Issue #46

Story: The Icarus Theory (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Iron Man
Cover date: February 1st, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Barry Kitson (story) Jeff Anderson (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

The professor realises he has been playing with fire, as Swoop breaks free of his mind control!

Despite being previously presumed dead the Autobot Swoop is attacking the Ark for reasons unknown. Back in his lab, Professor Morris is using his much-ridiculed mind control device to control the Dinobot's actions. He hopes to prove to his doubters that his theory about the Transformers being creations of G.B. Blackrock are correct, and having found Swoop's deactivated body has provided that opportunity.

While the Autobots desperately try to subdue their comrade, it is clear their non-hostile approach is not working. They realise Swoop is not aware of his actions and is being controlled by someone who is willing to sacrifice his puppet if necessary. Prime tries a different tack, standing firm he orders Swoop to transform and halt. A fury stirs within and Swoop appears to be getting his mind back. He takes to the air and the Autobots follow on the ground, tracking him by radar. Prime tells the others how Swoop had despised his authority while on Cybertron and giving him a direct order achieved the desired effect.

Meanwhile Swoop arrives at Morris' lab and puts a blaster to the human's head. He is pleased at all! Morris pleads for mercy, saying he truly believed Swoop was nothing more than a mindless machine. But while begging he remembers the dead security guard, and conceeds that and for his crimes he (Morris) deserves to die. When the Autobots arrive, Swoop brings out Professor Morris to explain himself - with his reasons seeming truthful to Optimus Prime. Morris saw the world through Swoops eyes, he found the thrill of flying so great that it clouded everything else, and his final claim of comparing his plight to that of Icarus convinces Optimus that he is repentent. However it is human justice and not the Autobots who he will have to submit to, after he has destroyed the machine. The Autobots prepare to leave but suddenly Swoop goes berserk again! Morris protests that it is not his doing, and Prime agress, nevertheless they can use the mind control device to bring the attack to an end.

Sometime later Ratchet diagnoses Swoop as suffering from a form of madness, probably brought on by the millions of years he spent buried under tar. With the high possibility that the other Dinobots are also suffering similar effects, Optimus Prime has only one thing on his mind - to round-up these destructive creatures without delay!



Secrets of Swoop's early life on Cybertron are revealed this issue. He used to be Divebomb a member of the elite flying corps, who hated Optimus Prime's authority. The throw away scenes will ultimately spawn the future story What's In A Name (in the 1987 Annual) after the Predacon known as Divebomb is introduced. We'll learn that he stole Swoop's name and they fought for it. Swoop's madness after the Morris incident is cleared-up is unexpected, but creates the conditions for an all-time classic in seven days.

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