Transformers UK: Issue #45

Story: The Icarus Theory (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Iron Man
Cover date: 25th Jan, 1986
Price: 30p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Barry Kitson (story) Kev Hopgood (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Professor P. Morris


By Adam Hogg

Professor P. Morris is on a mission to destroy the Transformers - and he has help from the unlikeliest of sources!

Professor Morris likes fishing so much that he even does it at Lake Dina where their are no fish to catch - but this gives him ample reason to recap on the events from the previous day. In a darkened room he had projected footage of the 'giant robot' rampages in Oregon and explained his theory that the millionaire G.B. Blackrock is behind the machines. The attacks on his empire were merely used as a cover to throw others off the scent. However with funding he too could create a robot which he would control through the 'Neural Relay Link' apparatus he has invented. His employers decided the professor was crackpot and told to get out. He is desperate to prove himself and get even, and an object at the bottom of the lake may be the answer to his prayers!

In the sky's above Oregon, a mysterious creature soars through the clouds under Morris' control. He sees the world through its eye, controlling its every movement, and now he truly knows what it is like to fly. Back at the lab, Morris is plugged into his Neural Relay Link and a night watchman challenges him. The guard knows no-one should be working today and guesses correctly that the prof is up to no good. He demands that Morris pay him to keep quiet about all this, and the professor is furious - before he can stop himself the creature under his control strikes the guard with a huge claw, killing him! Morris didn't mean for this to happen and thinks about turning himself in, but he resolves to see his mission out first.

At the Ark, Huffer detects a Transformer signal rapidly heading their way. It is too small for a Decepticon Jet and to big to be Laserbeak or Buzzsaw. The Autobots take-up defensive positions outside, and wait. Suddenly two rockets crash in to the nearby cliffs, clouding the area with a ton of Dust. After the short pause, out of he ash flies the attacker - Swoop!!!



A shock reappearance from the winged Dinobot, who we were led to believe had perished back in issue 32. Most readers would have guessed that he was back by reading the coming attractions teaser in the previous comic. Transformers is officially one of the most popular comics on the market says the editorial staff, and to celebrate they gave away a mini Autobot poster free with this issue! Icarus is an interesting metaphor for the story, similarly no-one believed the professor's fanciful notions, but he was able to control a Transformer as he promised he would. Will his confidence now lead to his demise?

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