Transformers UK: Issue #134

Story: Headhunt (part 2)
Back-up strip: Headmasters: Broken Glass (Part 1)
Cover date: October 10th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman/Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Geoff Senior/Frank Springer (story) Lee Sullivan (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Llyra, Spasma, Grax


By Omega Steve

Cyclonus is furious with Scourge for shooting Death's Head before he could finish off Rodimus!

Deep below the planet Cybertron, within the fetid depths of long disused utility ducts, two killers can be heard squabbling. They are Cyclonus and Scourge and, apparently, they are arguing over the dead body of the bounty hunter Death's Head. The pair had caught up with him just as he was about to kill Rodimus Prime and Scourge had opened fire shooting Death's Head in the back. It's not that Cyclonus is unhappy about the outcome (far from it), it's just that had Scourge waited a little longer, Death's Head would have finished off Prime for them. Scourge reminds him that Death's Head blew a big hole in him not so long back and he had a score to settle. Cyclonus backs off, perhaps to turn his attention to finishing off Prime, but Scourge notices that the Autobot leader has fled while they were arguing! The pair set off in hot pursuit, not bothering to check that Death's Head is really dead.

Nearby, Rodimus soldiers on still weary from the battering he took at Death's Head's hands. Part of him would welcome death at this moment in order to escape the burden of the war, but he remembers that he carries the Creation Matrix and has a sacred responsibility. And what of the millions of innocents who would be threatened should the Decepticons win the war and be free to terrorise other worlds? There is nothing for it, Rodimus has to stay alive. Cyclonus and Scourge close in and open fire at signs of movement. Having blasted their way through tunnel walls, a quick scout of the scene turns up no sign of Prime. The two Decepticons move on as, some moments later, Rodimus emerges from a drain below the surface. The Autobot knows he is a sitting duck unless he can get to a weapon and decides to double back to where Death's Head's corpse should be. When he gets there he finds no sign of the bounty hunter - only the shield he was wearing on his back, which evidentally took the brunt of Scourge's blast.

Cyclonus and Scourge continue their search only to run into Death's Head. The bounty hunter is not amused that they interfered and possibly cost him the 10,000 Shanix reward on Prime's head. He tells Cyclonus and Scourge that they should have made sure he was dead but they botched it - Death's Head (opening fire) won't make that mistake! The Decepticons make a run for it only to run into Prime walking the other way. But by this time they're too concerned with saving their own skins and have to keep going. Prime frisbes the shield at Death's Head, winding him, before turning tail and following some familiar markings. He scrambles up a ladder and into the light. Death's Head follows and finds himself... in the Autobot base with several of Rodimus Prime's men pointing guns at him! Like it or not the hunt is over.

Rodimus decides that it would be best for everyone if he makes Death's Head an offer. He hands him 10,000 Shanix in advance, and stipulates that the bounty hunter must bring in the heads of Cyclonus and Scourge to earn it. Death's Head agrees to the deal. Though he rarely mixes the two, this particular piece of business will be a pleasure!


Synopsis 2:

Galen is nursed by his girlfriend after a rioter gives him a fat lip!

The once peaceful capital of Nebulos is in the grip of civil unrest. Dozens of protesters have taken to the streets to call for the expulsion of the Autobots and burn effigies of robots. Galen as head of the World Watchers, who keep the peace and maintain 'environmental harmony', is unsure about how to deal with the situation. Disturbances of this nature were virtually unheard of until the Autobots came, but little does Galen know that this one has been helped on a bit by Lord Zarak. One of his his cronies, Grax, has paid trouble makers to ensure that things turn ugly, thereby discrediting Galen's policy of cohabitation with the Transformers. Sure enough a fight breaks out and Galen leaps into the crowd to break it up, only to be punched by one of Zarak's protesters. Nebulan security forces disperce the crowd and Galen's stunning girlfriend Llyra (also Zarak's daughter) rushes to his aid. In moments Zarak is trying to poison her mind against Galen, warning that his deal with the Autobots is born of a desire for power, but Llyra won't believe this.

Later Galen visits an abandoned munitions warehouse on the outskirts of the capital Koraja. The building now serves as a repository for the surrendered Autobot weapons, as well as five powerful robotic bodies and their severed heads. It is to the head of Fortress Maximus that Galen now speaks. He tells him that the protests are escalating and of his fears that the peace of Nebulos is being threatened.



Interesting that there should be a drainage system under Cybertron as in issue 126 we were told there was no water on the planet. If its not it must be some other liquid either natural or a waste product. Cyclonus and Scourge are turning out to be a couple of bunglers without Galvatron's guidance. Having shot Death's Head early they failed to make sure he or Prime was dead, with predictable consequences. Its a shame to see Prime not living up to potential as well. Despite a strong start in issue 114 he seems to be permanently depressed these days and thinking he's not doing a good job as Autobot leader. True, Optimus had similar doubts from time to time (notably in Crisis of Command) but we saw him week in and week out and got a more balanced impression. Whereas Rodimus only features from time to time. It was a lucky coincidence that the Autobots just happened to have 10,000 Shannix laying around for when Death's Head showed up. They couldn't have planned it because Prime only just stepped into Autobase moments earlier. I'm not sure how the Autobots earn their money but they obviously have enough of it to splash around.

In Headmasters Galen's girl is fine! What a bummer that she has to be related to the scheming Lord Zarak. Speaking of which he is up to his tricks big style this issue, manipulating Galen and events to his advantage. Galen is either too trusting or stupid to suss what is going on and looks like he is abou to come unstuck unless he wises up and soon. A couple more Nebulans non-entities pop up meaning that the cast who will be bonded to the Decepticons eventually is growing. From the looks of the frail Spasma he seems a very odd choice to be paired up with a Horrorcon!

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