Transformers UK: Issue #127

Story: The Cure (part 2)
Back-up strip: Iron Man of 2020
Cover date: August 22nd, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Bob Budiansky
Artwork: Perlin/Atkin/Garvy/Yomtov (story) Robin Smith (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Adam Hogg

The cured Decepticons waste no time in getting their own back on the Scraplet giant!

Immediately carrying on from last issue, we see the Human Charlie Fong desperately trying to prove that there is a cure for the deadly robotic disease "The Scraplets". Just as the infected Goldbug was about to be disintegrated, Charlie threw some Scraplets at Wide Load, and now just to prove it to him and his fellow Throttlebot Rollbar, he throws water over the Scraplets, which instantly rust off and die. Water is the cure, and apparently an incredibly rare substance on Cybertron, but while there is plenty on Earth there is not much out here in the desert.

Goldbug is quickly cured with the water available, while the two Throttlebots explain Ratbat's order to destroy the source of the Scraplets - that being the entire crater and anyone in it. With the Autobot Blaster and the Decepticon Triple Changers still trapped and effected inside the crater, Goldbug insists on returning to cure his comrade, but first he uses the Petrol station phone to make an urgent call to G.B. Blackrock. Nearly ten hours later inside the crater, the victims of the Scraplets sit and wait for the inevitable, while at the top, Wide Load and Rollbar rejoin their fellow Throttlebots along with Goldbug and Charlie. With Ratbat's deadline almost up, they were just about to dissolve everything below them, but they soon stop after learning that the cure is on its way. Shortly, two Blackrock tankers appear, both filled with water, and Blackrock also inside one to make sure they got past the army blockading the area surrounding the crater. As Goldbug shouts to Blaster that he will spray down the cure, the affected Decepticons smile knowing that they too will be cured. Their change of expression is all to evident as Blaster refuses the help - he wont have any Decepticons cured because of him. Reluctantly Goldbug accepts, but after learning of their imminent demise, the Scraplets have plans of their own...

Suddenly a giant form rises out from the crater, the Scraplets have combined to form a huge and hungry monster!! This creature is extremely agile for its size, and easily avoids the Throttlebots' attacks by manipulating its body shape. Picking up one of the water tankers, it hurls it across the canyon before promptly laying into the Throttlebots. It doesn't take long for Goldbug to realises the futility of the struggle, he must cure Blaster and the Decepticons below because he needs their help. Water rains down on the the victims of the Scraplets inside the crater, and as they quickly regain strength the Powerful Decepticons fly up and attack the Scraplet monster. The tide begins to turn, and the weary monster stumbles in front of Blaster, who crashes down the second water tanker drum on top of it.

With the Scraplets defeated, Astrotrain decides that G.B. Blackrock is perfect for their next plan. He fires a tiny mind-control microchip at him unnoticed before joining his fellow Decepticons back inside the crater. As Blaster thanks Goldbug for rescuing him, he is sorry for thinking that he had been abandoned. Suddenly they look up as the Decepticons fly off with the space freighters huge and mysterious cargo.



Ok, so it's pretty hard to believe that the Throttlebots have never heard of water (it's one of the most common molecules in the universe), and after reading "Crater Critters" you could interpret that the Transformers had simply forgotten the Cure was water over the ages. Perhaps they just don't recognise it by name (they have only just arrived on Earth remember). The miracle cure seems to work a bit too fast for my liking, the Decepticons go from decaying wrecks to full power in mere seconds, but you gotta love the contrasting expressions on their face's on page 7. And the Scraplets can combine! Nice, though it makes them an easier target.

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