Transformers UK: Issue #120

Story: Fire On High (Part 2)
Back-up strip: Iron Man of 2020
Cover date: July 4th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Geoff Senior (story) Jeff Anderson (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Rodimus must hold off Galvatron long enough for Wreck-Gar to reprogram the timejump trigger.

Galvatron stands at the head of his energy siphon, arms raised in victory. Ultra Magnus is dead and nothing can stop the Decepticon's transformation into a living god! As the lava bubbles furiously below there is no sign of Ultra Magnus (he was cast into the fiery pit last issue) it would seem that he must have gone under. Galvatron, satisfied, strolls into the control centre of his power siphon only to see something that makes him freeze in his tracks! His timejump control mechanism (which he used to travel to 1987 Earth) is missing - but there is only one person who could have taken it - Rodimus Prime!

Nearby, Wreck Gar is hard at work modifying the timejump trigger but he is finding it tougher to crack than he thought. He tells Rodimus he needs more time, something which it looks like he isn't going to get, as Galvatron arrives. Prime has to try and hold the mad Decepticon off while Wreck Gar finishes his work. The pair face up to each other, fingers on their trigger, like some kind of wild west showdown. Then both spring into action unleashing powerful blasts at one another! Rodimus dives to the ground and catches Galvatron square on - but the recently enhanced Decepticon seems to absorbing the attack. Prime blasts a cable just behind Galvatron's feet and a powerful discharge of energy takes the Decepticon down. Surely his circuits have been fried? Perhaps not - as Galvatron's eyes glow into life once more and he jumps to his feet, savagely reigning blow after blow on Rodimus. Finally he stamps Prime's face into the earth he puts his particle cannon to the Autobot's head. But his luck has not finally ran out as Death's Head arrives and fires a missile at Galvatron. The bounty hunter has decided that he needs Prime alive if he is to collect his reward money.

Now Galvatron and Death's Head do battle. A blow from the mercenary's spiked prosthetic injures Galvatron, but a lucky shot soon destroys it. Death's Head takes a moment to reattach his hand component but makes a deadly mistake in allowing Galvatron to get close. The Decepticon retaliates but tearing off Death's Head's left arm, seriously reducing his fighting capacity. Meanwhile Goldbug is busy reviving Rodimus Prime. He tells him that Wreck Gar's work on the timejump trigger is about as finished as it is going to get. He warns that there were some things that the Junkion couldn't understand, but Prime knows it is now or never. He orders Wreck Gar to 'hit it' and the device is activated, generating a temporal whirlwind which sweeps up all of the combatants and transports them back to the year 2007.

Goldbug is left on his knees surveying the aftermath of the storm. It looks like it actually worked, despite Wreck Gar's misgivings that Galvatron might have rigged the device to prevent his accidental transportation. Suddenly he sees a large shadow behind him - and turns - finding himself face to face with Galvatron!! Read the conclusion in the 1987 Transformers Annual.



My criticism of the last couple of issues was that the story felt like it was being padded out too much. But I really can't fault this issue because it is excellent! A fantastic showdown between Rodimus and Galvatron (real high noon style!) and a great battle with Death's Head to boot. It might have been interesting to see what would have happened had Galvatron been returned to the future, but readers will no doubt be intrigued to see how Goldbug is going to survive this (we know he does though because he's featured in the next week section in a new adventure). The shocking climax of the current story (as the comic describes it) is concluded in the pages of the Transformers annual. A rather clever ploy to shift more copies of the annuals it seems! Once again more first rate artwork from Geoff Senior.

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