Transformers UK: Issue #119

Story: Fire On High (Part 1)
Back-up strip: Iron Man of 2020
Cover date: June 27th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Dan Reed (story) Simpson/Harwood/Burns (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Magnus must put his life on the line once more in a last ditch attempt to stop Galvatron!

Mount Verona, Oregon, and Cindy Newell - a postgraduate student from Pennsylvania - chairs a somewhat unusual council of war. As she explains Galvatron's plan to trigger a massive volcanic eruption and siphon its energy, some of the most augment powerful Autobots from two eras look on. Rodimus Prime - Autobot leader in 2007, Kup and Blurr his loyal lieutenants, Wreck Gar - TV addict and repairman extraordinaire, Ultra Magnus - this era greatest warrior, and Goldbug - newly recreated from the remains of Bumblebee. Cindy draws on her Geology P.H.D. to warn of the dire consequences of Galvatron's plan, should the Autobots fail to stop him. It is likely that the 'corked' eruption could generate a subterranean shockwave and trigger a chain reaction along the entire Cascades Range. Thousands would die and there's even a chance that San Francisco might drop into the Pacific!

Needless to say Rodimus is horrified by the prospect - but how can they stop Galvatron? Wreck Gar has an idea but his TV talk is starting to irritate Rodimus and he snaps at him. Goldbug intervenes to break up the argument and Wreck Gar gets his chance to speak. His plan is that the others will create a diversion giving him time to modify Galvatron's timejump trigger. If it works, all future visitors should be swept back to their own times. Shortly after, Ultra Magnus says an emotional fairwell to Cindy. He is setting off to fight Galvatron again and this time he may not be coming back. Cindy runs away in tears and Wreck Gar manages to make himself unpopular with Magnus too, after spouting some more TV related innuendo.

Later at the summit of the volcano, Galvatron is completing repairs to his siphon when company arrives. It is Wreck Gar in motorcycle mode accompanied by Goldbug - who strike the first blow. Next it is Kup and Blurr's turn, but the element of surprise is lost by then and Galvatron sees them off with a couple of well placed blasts. As Goldbug dives for cover, Ultra Magnus steps on to the siphon and taunts Galvatron. Is the Decepticon too afraid to try his luck again? As Wreck Gar and Rodimus work on the timejump trigger, Galvatron propels himself at Magnus. He reigns heavily blows on the Autobot and slams his head on to the wall of the siphon. Finally, Galvatron lifts Magnus' body overhead and throws him into the lava below!!



A shocking end for Magnus by the looks of it - but this being comics we know he will survive somehow. This is Dan Reed's second stint drawing the comic (his debut being in #115) and he's made a boo-boo on the splash page. If you look closely you'll spot Rodimus Prime with a red Decepticon insignia! I recently spoke to Dan and he revealed the story behind the blunder. It turns out that he had some trouble with UK customs who confiscated his work and put him in the cells for the night. After he was deported to France Dan had to draw the splash all over again and barely made the deadline. Read the interview.

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