Transformers UK: Issue #116

Story: Burning Sky (Part 2)
Back-up strip: The Inhumanoids
Cover date: June 6th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Geoff Senior (story) Jeff Anderson (cover)
Rating: Art / Story


By Omega Steve

Galvatron has siphoned energy from Mount Verona and grown more powerful than ever!

At a ranger's station on the foothills of Mount Verona a portly sheriff radios the situation back to base. There is no sign of the forest ranger but on the plus side the fires seem to be coming under control. Suddenly the panicked ranger comes rushing from the woods all in a fluster. He is immune to the sheriff's poor attempts at humour and points franticly at two very large objects moving towards them! Suddenly two warring transformers - Ultra Magnus and his most deadly foe Galvatron, emerge.

One blow from the Decepticon is enough to send Magnus sprawling on to the ranger's station and reducing it to rubble. The humans flee as Galvatron continues his attack, apparently delusional! Magnus counter attacks with a boot to Galvatron's chest - he has no choice but to fight on if he is to safeguard the life of his new human friend Cindy. If he fails to defeat this menace she is as good as dead. As the combatants exchange laser fire, Galvatron reveals the confused state of his mind, threatening death to all followers of Rodimus Prime. Magnus blasts him square on as a reminder that he has his wires crossed, and the Autobots of this era serve Optimus Prime. Galvatron however, absorbs Magnus' blasts and crushes his laser weapon, before shattering the glass protecting Magnus' eyes. It would be easy to give up but the Autobot thinks of Cindy, picturing her fleeing the fires that Galvatron has created, and reigns blow after blow on his opponent.

Finally, Galvatron is defeated and Magnus can scarcely believe he has been able to do it. He goes to leave in search of Cindy - and hesitates - perhaps he should destroy Galvatron while he has the chance? Isn't that his obligation? But the momentary pause is all Galvatron needs to revive himself and transform into cannon mode while Magnus' back is turned. The powerful blast he unleashes floors the Autobots' greatest warrior and his moment is past. As Cindy flees the fire into the path of three more giant robots - Galvatron drags Magnus up the summit of Mount Verona to witness the huge structure that he has erected around the mouth of the volcano. It is a siphon and Magnus will shortly bear witness as his enemy draws enough energy from Earth's core to transform himself into a god!

Elsewhere Cindy has found the future Autobots Rodimus, Kup and Blurr. The Autobot reassures her that they are friends of Ultra Magnus and here to help, before warning that if they can't stop Galvatron, no-one can!



This is more like it - now I see where the missing action from the previous issue has gone. A decent battle between Magnus and Galvatron and good to see the Decepticon being defeated for once (albeit temporarily). The Autobot seems to have grown quite close to Cindy in the short time he has known her - perhaps because she is his first human friend. But I have no idea where her other two travelling companions have gone. They simply disappeared at the end of last issue, so perhaps they were killed by Galvatron? In which case Cindy might have said so.
At last all the combatants are on Earth (including Wreck Gar wherever he has ended up) and the battle can get underway. Seeing as Rodimus is so intent on subduing Death's Head and Galvatron he really should have brought better back-up than just Kup and Blurr. He could have contacted the Autobots of 1987 for help, or maybe even brought the future Ultra Magnus along. That would have been interesting because (presuming his earlier self wasn't displaced into Limbo) Magnus past and future could have met up.

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