Transformers UK: Issue #114

Story: Wanted Galvatron (Part 2)
Back-up strip: The Inhumanoids
Cover date: May 23rd, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Will Simpson (story) Jeff Anderson (cover)
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Wreck-Gar, Nautilus


By Omega Steve

Rodimus Prime and the Autobots are attacked by a squadron of airbourne Decepticon hunters!

Cybertron, 2007: Rodimus Prime and his faithful lieutenants Kup, Blurr and Wreck-Gar are out in the open, out numbered, and possibly out of luck! A fleet of Decepticon hunter planes has locked on to them and now bombards their position with rockets and bombs. Kup and Blurr are swiftly rendered unconscious and as Prime picks himself up, the enemy transforms and closes in for the kill. The cocky squadron leader can almost taste victory and encourages Prime to make the moment complete by begging for his life - it won't do him any good but the Decepticons would enjoy it all the same. Prime has no intention of giving him the satisfaction, and as the enemy draw their blasters, the Autobot leader surprises them by giving the order - FIRE!

Suddenly Ultra Magnus and other Autobots spring from hiding places and unleash a barrage of their own. One-by-one the Decepticons fall until only the squadron leader is left - on the ground with Rodimus standing over him with a charged gun. The hunter pleads for mercy but the solemn Prime will not give that which the Decepticon would deny for everyone else. With a cold-steel in his eyes Rodimus pulls the trigger and ends the threat of this opponent. A jubilant Kup catches up with him and declares they "did good" but Prime loathes the dispicable price that command of the Autobots expects of him. True these were Decepticons, the lowest of the low, but they were sentient beings who he was forced to terminate this day. Kup tries to revive his leader's spirits, pointing out that the only way Shockwave will win is if the Autobots start doubting themselves.

A messenger informs Prime that the Autobot spy Nautilus is requesting an urgent meeting. The agent tells Rodimus that he has the best of reasons for breaking cover early: he has learned the location of Galvatron! He goes on to describe how he ran into Cyclonus and Scourge looking like they went 10 rounds with a mecho-crusher and lost. They had been reluctant to reveal the cause of their battering, but after a little softening up from Nautilus, Cyclonus let slip that they had battled the bounty hunter Death's Head when he came looking for information about Galvatron's whereabouts. It seems that Galvatron and his lieutenants had once timejumped into Earth's past, and Cyclonus told Death's Head (in order to preserve his own life) that he believed his boss had time travelled again. Rodimus is aghast and blames himself, if only he had made sure that Galvatron was dead then he wouldn't have unwittingly unleashed the most powerful Decepticon of all on Earth's past. Unfortunately, says Nautilus, there is more. It seems that Death's Head wanted the bounty Prime offered so badly that he followed Galvatron back to 1987. Nautilus doesn't even want to think what will happen when these two maniacs meet up.

The scene shifts to 1987 Earth and we see the Autobot Bumblebee kneeling over a patch of scorched ground. Moments earlier he had been accompanying his colleague First Aid back to the Ark when the Protectobot had been enveloped in dark antimatter and vanished. Bumblebee has seen this phenomena before - a mass substitute is transported to the Limbo dimension to make room for a time traveller from the future. The last time they had visitors it spelled big trouble and Bumblebee thinks he had better warn the other Autobots as soon as possible. Death's Head, who materialises at the scene, decides he can't allow that. He would rather no one knew of his arrival and that pretty much makes Bumblebee an endangered species. Before the mini-Autobot can fire a shot, Death's Head opens fire and blows him to pieces!



Another excellent instalment, superbly drawn by Will Simpson. The opening page looks ace, and incidently I remember Simon Furman appearing on weekend kids TV show with this then uncoloured artwork talking about the comic! If anyone saw that feature and remembers more about it please let me know. Story-wise we finally get to see Rodimus Prime in action after last issue's flashbacks and he is a leader in the Optimus Prime sense. In addition to copying Primes "you who are without mercy" line from the movie, Rodimus has strong feelings about the sanctity of life and the soul-destroying nature of war. Let's not forget also, Bumblebee's shocking demise at the end of the issue! He's blown to bits by Death's Head and the way is now clear for him to be made into Goldbug - one of the new characters in Hasbro's 1987 Transformers toy range. In the US comic this changeover would be achieved via a second-rate crossover story with GI Joe so we are definately getting the better deal here.

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