Transformers UK: Issue #113

Story: Wanted Galvatron (Part 1)
Back-up strip: The Inhumanoids
Cover date: May 16th, 1987
Price: 32p
Script: Simon Furman
Artwork: Geoff Senior
Rating: Art / Story

First appearance: Rodimus Prime, Death's Head


By Omega Steve

Rodimus Prime has put a bounty on Galvatron and Death's Head is determined to collect!

It is the year 2007. The fiercesome mechanoid Death's Head is standing in a bar on the robot world of Elpasos, when a wanted poster catches his eye. It has been placed by the Autobot leader Rodimus Prime and offers 10,000 shanix to anyone who can capture Galvatron - dead or alive! It sounds like just the job for a bounty hunter - or 'freelance peacekeeping agent' as he likes to be called - of Death's Head's calibre. He asks the scrawny bar keep to fill him in on the details.

The bar droid tells him the now legendary story of the planet-eater Unicron's recent assault on the Transformers homeworld. The planet's moons had been consumed first and for a time it looked as though Cybertron itself would be destroyed. But while the battle raged outside a far more crucial struggle ensued within Unicron. There his servant Galvatron (created by the planet-eater from the remains of Megatron) fought a young Autobot warrior known as Hot Rod. The Autobot would certainly have died but the Creation Matrix (hanging on a chain around Galvatron's neck) bathed him in its glow, transforming him into the mighty Rodimus Prime! Galvatron fought on but the outcome was never in doubt - Rodimus hurled his foe through Unicron's metal hide and into deep space. He unleashed the full power of the Matrix on Unicron and destroyed him - for a time it seemed like Prime's troubles were over - not so. Having taken command of the Autobot forces, Rodimus agonised over the whereabouts of Galvatron. He could not assume that the Decepticon had perished and spent several fruitless months searching for his corpse. In his absence Shockwave regrouped the scattered Decepticon army and renewed the age-old offensive against the Autobots. Rodimus was obliged to return to Cybertron and war - leaving the quest for Galvatron unfinished. The result was the wanted poster which Death's Head now sees.

Having heard all he needs to know, Death's Head turns to leave. The bar keep pulls out a huge gun (twice the size of him!) and demands that the bounty hunter settle his tab before going anywhere. Death's Head tells him to calm down and tosses a credit card his way. The bar keep's telescopic eyes extend to scan the card and he quickly realises it's a blank! Before he can do anything Death's Head slams his face into the bar leaving the bashed-up droid to utter "Th-that'll do nicely!" before withering. Death's Head wastes no time in getting space borne and a quick study of his history tapes reveals that Galvatron's former lieutenants were Cyclonus and Scourge. It makes sense that if anyone knows where the rogue Decepticon is it will be these two. Next stop - Cybertron.

On the Transformers homeworld the enhanced Decepticon jets, Cyclonus and Scourge, streak across the ruined landscape. They transform and land spluttering threats against the 'one-eyed freak' Shockwave who now commands them. The pair admit they are biding their time until the boss gets back, all of which is music to ears of a certain bounty hunter, who steps out of the shadows. Death's Head tells them he seeks information about Galvatron and if they don't provide it he will nail both of their heads to the ground. Cyclonus and Scourge are not impressed and promptly open fire - but Death's Head is fast mover and dodges the blast. A shot from his own blaster fries Scourge and it is not long before Cyclonus is on the ground. Death's Head detaches his left hand and inserts a specialised weapon, a spiked ball. Cyclonus is now at his mercy and has one chance to avoid death - in the circumstances he takes it.

Later, Death's Head prepares to timejump into the distant past of a far away world called Earth. Cyclonus had told him that Galvatron had once time-jumped there and it is highly likely that he did so again after he was cast into space by Rodimus. Death's Head believed the story, and as he starts to dematerialise, he warns "look out Earth, look out 1987... 'cause he I come".



Wowee what an issue! Undoubtedly one of the best ever! Furman and Senior again, the dream team, and weaving the kind of tale that fans have been waiting for (even if readers didn't realise it yet). Death's Head looks cool and has a bad, bad attitude, ensuring he will be a hot property for Marvel UK. Meanwhile readers had been writing in their droves to demand a story with Rodimus Prime in it, such was his popularity after the movie, and here it is! At last a chance to see what happens after those events. A nice twist that Galvatron's disappearance proved as troublesome for Prime as if he was there. Personally I'd rather take my chances with Shockwave but there you are. The skinny bar tender is hilarious, especially when he pulls out a gun that is twice the size of him! There frontier-style bar has a genuine western feel to it, with the armed bar tender, clientele of every criminal, creep and lowlife in the sector and the wanted dead or alive poster! Complete with the battle against Cyclonus and Scourge at the end, this is the best possible started to the Wanted: Galvatron saga. It's just a shame that the later chapters didn't live up to the quality of this one.

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